Friday, 15 June 2012

Trip to Youth Town

Have you ever been to Youth town before? Well on thursday room 13 and room 16 went on a trip to Youth Town. When we got there we had to put our bags in a room.

The first thing we did was design something on a paper. Then we made the design out of clay. After that we sprinkled pieces of glass over our design. Next we put it in the oven so the glass can melt and the clay can dry. Next we had to put our designs on the vases. They looked SO COOL!!!

The next activity was swimming. In the pool I played tag with my friends. We splashed at each other and had races. When Miss K said it was time to get out the pool, the water  so warm that I wanted to stay the pool.

“La la la” I said as I was having a shower. I played Master with my friends and I kept on losing. So I went to look for a something else to play when I saw people playing Table Tennis. I ran to them and started playing. Table Tennis was very fun!!!

I was felt sad when we had to leave. I really wanted to stay.

Before I got into the bus I said “Bye Youth Town”. I hope I go back next time.

When I got back to school it was lunch time. It was so AWESOME !!! I hope I go back next time but I felt really tired.

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