Monday, 26 August 2013

Cross Country

“It is so HOT!!!!!!!!” I said as I was watching the Cross Country Races. It was finally Cross Country and I was full of energy. But the sad thing was that I am 10 so I had to wait until it was our turn to race and it took for ever because there were 5 year old boys race and 5 year old girls race , 6 year old boys race and 6 year old girls race and it just went on and on. But I managed. I am in Green

“10 year old boys please come to the start line” Someone said. So I stood up and marched away. I was not really neaves which was strange because normally I’m FREAKING OUT and wondering about the things that could go wrong. Mr Brut showed us the cores but I still don’t understand it, so I just pretended that I knew where to go but when it starts I can just follow everyone else.

“On your marks, get set” Mr Burt said and press the button on his talking thing and it made a loud sound which mean GO!!! Everyone was Off like a flash of lightning. I began jogging and noticed that people were sprinting. I knew that if I were to sprint at the beginning I won't have any energy left so I kept jogging.

People started to stop but I kept going. I was in third places and behind me was my friend Nathan. “ Hi Mr Marks” I said. There were teachers and a few students from another school helping us and if it weren't for them then I think I would of been lost so lucky they were there.

I began to get tied. Suddenly a boy called Sateki came out of nowhere and sprints strat pass me. “What the, where did he come from” I said to myself. I looked behind me and saw my other friend. He ran past me like Sateki. But Nathan was still there and I was not going to let some else past me. So I jogged a bit faster.

I saw the finish line and I was puffed out. As we were going thru the gate I slipped but I was not going to let that stop me. So as I got up and blocked the gate so that Nathan can not past me. Well I was blocking the gate my old teacher(Miss King) was also supporting me. I got closer to the finish line and began to sprint. I can 5th place I know I tried my best and had fun and thats what mather.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Little Red Riding Hood

This is a summarise of the story Little Red Riding Hood and it will teach you the morale.

Once upon a time there lived a little girl called Little Red Riding Hood. She was on her way to her Grandma's house because Grama was ill. On her way she came across a wolf. “ Where are you going?” the wolf asked. “ I am on my way to Grandma's house, she is ill and I baked a Rainbow cake for her” Little Red Riding Hood replied. The wolf had a plan and left. When Little Red Riding Hood got to Grandma's house. She knocked on the door and said “Its me Little Red Riding Hood”. “Come in” Grama awserd. Little Red Riding Hood cut the Rainbow cake and give it to Grama. Suddenly Grama ate Little Red Riding Hood and the cake because she was really the wolf. The end

So the morale of the story was don’t talk to strangers.

If you are walking around in Glen Innes and if you see a stranger you can give him a small hello but you should not tell him what you are doing unless you know him because if you do he might follow you and kidnap you and we don’t want that to happen right. Thanks for reading my story. I hope you learnt to not talk to strangers.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Three Little Pigs

This blog post is a summarise of the story The Three Little Pigs and it also has the morel of the story as well. I hope you enjoy it and also leave feedback to help me create my next blog post. Thank You

There live three little pigs and one mother pig. They lift home and begin finding thing to make a cottage. The first pig found a stack of hay and made a quick hay house which was not so smart. The second pig found a pile of sticks so he made a house from stick. But the third pig who was very smart bort some brick. The sunset and the third pig finished his house went a wolf dropped by and went to the house of hay. He blow it down and ate the pig. Then he went to the house of sticks and did the same thing. He went to the brick house and tried to blow it down but it stood firm. He tried to climb into the chimney and dived right into a pot with boiling water. The wolf ran back to the woods never to be seen again.

So the morale of the story was to take your time and you will get good results.

In life you will come across many opsd coles and if you take your time then you will get good results. Like for example if you are told to take care of an apple tree and you water it every day and do all those thing to help it grow then the tree will grow good apples for you to enjoy. But if you don’t take good care of the poor tree, it won't grow and perjus apples. Which choice would you chose, Take care of the apple tree or don’t do anything to help it. I know I would take care of the apple tree. I hope you will take your time with what you do because you will get good results.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Lion And The Mouse

This week my literacy teacher Mr Marks has been teaching us how to add detail to some of the sentences from the story the lion and the mouse. We are really enjoying it. We also learnt how to tell people that it was day time without saying it was day time. Here are some of the sentences that we have been editing. The red text is what we add.  As the sun was setting the mouse gnawed the rope with his teeth. Here is a link to a short version of the story The Lion And The Mouse.

Goldilock And The Three Bear

Once upon a time in a large forest near a village there was a big house. In that house lived 3 bears, a big farther bear, a middle sized mother bear and a little baby bear. They all had there own chair, there own bed and there own bowle. Father bear was really respectful and kind to others. Mother bear had lots of friends and visited them in the afternoon but Baby bear was a bully and got into mischief.

One day Mother bear made some  pudding with crushed berry. The pudding was too hot so they had to let it cold down. While they let pudding cold down they went on a walk to visit there old friend, the beaver family because THEY JUST HAD A BABY!!!. A little girl called goldilocks who was Baby bears only friend wanted to see if he was at home so she knocked on the door. The door was open and there was no one home so she snuck in.

She saw the pudding that mother bear mad so she ate Baby bear pudding. Then she went into the living room and saw baby bear's chair. Slowly she sat down. “Boom” the chair broke and goldilocks decide to go up stairs. Up stairs she found 3 beds, a big bed, a middle size bed and a small bed. She laid down on the small bed. 1 minute later she was fast asleep.

“The baby was so small” Baby bear said. Once the 3 bears got home they found that the door was ajar. So they know someone had snuck in. Slowly they walked in. “Someone has ate my puddy” Baby bear cried. So they went into the living room and found that Baby bear's chair was broken. Finally they ran up stairs.

There lying on the bed was goldilocks. “ What are you doing in my bed” Baby bear shouted. Goldilocks woke up and ran down stairs. “Wait I forgive you” called Baby bear. So goldilocks came back they made friends and Baby bear stopped bullying people. They lived happily ever after. The morale of the story is don’t sneak into other people's house unless they let you.

Friday, 2 August 2013

The Ugly Duckling

Once upon a time in a lake far away lived a mother duck who had a clutch of eggs. They were just about to hatch. The ducklings were pecking away trying to get out of there shell’s. Six chirping ducklings came rolling out of there egg shells but there was one egg left. That egg was bigger than the rest. Finally it hatched and out came an ugly grey duckling.

The other ducklings kept teasing the ugly duckling. Poor ugly duckling, he was always upset. So mother duck had to keep consoling him. He ate way more than the others. At one point he realized he was different so at sunrise he ran away from home.

He began asking other ducks questions like, “do you know any other ducks that look like me”? But they were really scornful and they shook their heads. One duck said, “it is dangerous because there are hunters around hunting ducks like you”. So the ugly duckling gave up.

He found a pond with plenty of food. He saw swans migrating south. Winter came and he was exhausted. The pond froze and the ugly duckling was stuck. A kind farmer found him and took him home.

He took good care of the ugly duckling so the ugly duckling survived winter. When the ugly duckling was older the farmer decided to let him go. He took him back to the pond where he found him.

Once the ugly duckling looked at his reflection he saw that he was a beautiful swan. He was astounded of his beauty. Then a group of swans came flying by. The beautiful swan made some friends and he lived happily ever after. The End.

So the moral of the story was, Don’t be ashamed if you're different.


A friend is someone who cares and understands you the way you do. A good friend is someone who looks out for you, stand up for you and dose not make up mean story's about you. Friends are important because with out a friend you will be lonely and sad for the rest of your life.