Monday, 30 December 2013


For christmas I got a ps vita and 3 games. The 3 games were the invisibles, tearaway and killzone. My sister got and sansom galaxy note 1. I really enjoyed christmas because first we went to our harf step mum’s family for lunch. Then we went to my dad’s family for dinner, so I was so full.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Sunday, 22 December 2013


On the 21th of december me and my sister Vivienne flue to Australia to spend christmas with our dad, half step sisters, half step brother and half step mum. We went in emirates. I love emirates because they have min TVs on back of the the chairs and they sometimes give you food. We come back to new zealand on the 8th of February. We're having fun with dad and his family

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Last Days of School...

It is the last days of school and class's are playing outdoor games, cleaing up, moving tables and finishing work. Lucky we get to play outdoor  games as well. Most of the schools in our area have already finished school but we finish on the 19th. I have really enjoyed school and learning about different things.

Our school is going to change. Classes are getting busted down and rebuilt in a diffident places as well as new class are getting built. It will probably end in the middle of 2014. I'm really existed.

Farming Rap

Alright lads
I’m one of the people who have heard the farm rap
And I to live to tell the tail
And this is what he said

Farmers clear trees just to make more money
But in some trees, bees like to make honey

Farmers get some water by draining out the land
But bugs like worms can’t stand dry land

Fertilising plants is what farmers do
But some runs to rivers and makes it blue

So farmers, farmers stop think and do
Cause if you don’t I will call the crew

My Netbook Reflection 2013

My literacy teacher Mr Marks has tort me a lot of things like how to plan my writing. I've been reading a book at home about hurricanes and I've learnt that hurricanes usually form when the surface of the sea is warm, this is called hurricane season. This year my friends have supported me a lot and I'm very grateful. They have tort me a lot of things. I think having a netbook and being able to working online his helped me because now I can do my work at school and at home. This year having a netbook connected to the internet has helped me find out new things from google. Did you know there are no polar bears in Antarctica, I found that out from google.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Thursday, 28 November 2013


1.Complete the Table of Information
Name of Ship
Name of Shipping Company
White Star Shipping
Length of Ship
294 metre long
Date of Maiden Voyage
10th of April 1912
Captain’s Name
Edward J. Smith

2.Where was the titanic sailing to on its maiden voyage?
New York

3.Approximately how many people were on board the Titanic when it left Southampton?

4.Why do you think the Titanic hit the iceberg?
They were going to fast

5.Why did so many people die?
There weren’t enough lifeboats for everyone

6.What is the signal ‘SOS’ a call for?

7.The Titanic is referred to as a ship and also a liner in the passage. Words in the passage similar in meaning are called synonyms. Can you find another word in the passage similar in meaning to ‘ship’.

8. Find words in the passage that mean

A. Cut Sliced
B. Died Perished
C. First  Maiden
D. Cold Chilly
E. Crisis Emergency

F. Saved Resurged

Camp Bentzon

This is what we did at camp. This some of the things we did at camp

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Kawau Island

Next week I'm going to camp Benton on Kawau Island. Here are some of the acitivtys we are doing.


Monday, 11 November 2013

my Pet mouse

On October the 10 it was my birthday and I got a Pet mouse. His name is whitney, mainly because he is white. At night he loves to run on his wheel I don’t know why. I was really carefully went every I hold him because I knew that if he runs out of my hand then I would be in big trouble because my mum hates mice. My mum didn’t want me to get him but it was my birthday. He is not even 1 years old yet and luckily he doesn't bite.

We got him from the bishop our church because his daughter owned lots of mice so they asked us if we wanted one and we said yes. He likes eating seeds, weet bix and peanut butter. He use to say in my room with my other pet budgie but it then began to get hard to breathe because of him and it got harder to clear up, so now they both stays in the garage.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Whisper

“A forest” John said looking at a forest. John was exploring his dad’s farm when he saw  a large forest near by. John always got into a lot of trouble. John slowly walked into the forest and there was just lots of trees. So he went deeper into the forest.

He loved exploring places so he was not very scared even though he was just 9 years old. He keep walking and walking when he said to himself, “I think I should go back” but when he turned around he realised that he was lost in the forest. “Help, help, is anyone there”he called. He carried on calling help for about 1 minute, but finally he stopped.

He sat down and started crying. As the sun set and the moon rose John fell asleep. In the morning John was hungry. Luckily John loved watching Man Vs Wild so he sort of knew how to survive. On one of the episodes, the man finds huhu grubs, so he got up and began looking for huhu grubs. He ran to a tree and ripped a long piece of bark and there in the tree were some huhu grubs.

John began eating them. He managed to eat all of it. When he finished he hear someone calling his name saying, “John, John” John recognized that voice, it was his grandma. “Grama, is that you, were are you”John replied. “You can‘t see me but follow the sound of my voice” John’s grandma whispered. John’s grandma had died because she had a heart attack. John followed her voice. It lead him back to the farm. “Thank you grandma, I love you” John said. “Just remember, I will always look out for you, no matter what” She replied. The End

Friday, 1 November 2013

Mystery Island

This is a fiction story but the moral is true
“Come on kids, we might miss our flight!” shouted a lady. “We’re coming” replied her son and daughter. Once upon a time there lived the Lon family. In the family there was a mother called Gloria, a father called Ben, a son called Josh who was 11 years old and a daughter called Lisa who was 16. They were flying back home to New Zealand because they were at Disneyland for a family holiday.

Carefully they hopped on the plane. “What kind of plane is this,” said Josh. The plane had smashed windows, the seats were torn up, there was not much room, there were no toilets and no seat belts. “Hi my name is Zac, you are flying Lando Line, I will be your pilot for today, we are getting ready to take off and please turn off all digital devices as it will interfere with the plane and cause the plane to crash” said Zac.

The plane took off into the air. There was a man who kept giving them disgusting food. His name was Tom he was the serviceman. The only ones on the plane was the Lon family, Zac(pilot) and Tom (the serviceman)  “Lisa Lisa look at the clouds they look so cool, that one looks like a flower, what do you think?” Josh said annoyingly.

“Be quiet, I’m trying to connect to the internet so I can chat to max(her boyfriend)”Lisa said while staring at her Iphone. “Your not allowed to connect to the internet, it will interfere with the plane and will cause us to crash weren't you listening, the pilot just said it” Josh said. “Whatever stop lying” Lisa replied. “We’re now crashing because someone tried to connect to  the internet, so pull out your lifejackets, wait we don’t have any lifejackets” Zac said calmly.

As the plane was crashing they could see a small island. It was a mystery island. The plane smashed and some parts broke off. “Is everyone okay” Tom said looking back at everyone. Everyone but Josh was okay.

“Josh, Josh are you okay, talk to me Josh,” Gloria cried. Tom came out with a first aid kit and checked if he was okay. “He’s not breathing, he’s dead,” Tom said looking up at Gloria and Ben. It was all Lisa’s fault, she felt terrible.

Zac came out and said, “We need some Boon Boon sticks to fix the plane because the radio is broken so we can't contact anyone,” “So where can we find these Boon Boon sticks, ” Ben asked. “My compass will lead us to it,” Zac replied. “Then lets go!” Said Gloria. Off they went to get the Boon Boon sticks.

The compass lead them to a dark cave. So Zac pulled out his torch. “A lion” Lisa whispered. “But look the Boon Boon stick are right behind him,” Zac said. “How are we going to get them,” Gloria said. Lisa noticed a whole on the top of the cave. “Hey look there’s a hole,” Lisa said. So they had a plan. When the lion fell asleep Ben reached throw the whole and grabbed the sticks.

“Now lets get out of here,” Gloria said. They ran to the plane and Zac began fixing it. “Tomorrow the plane will be all fixed and ready to go,” Zac said. The next morning they got into the plane. “Now lets get out of here” Lisa said. The plane had a big hole in it but it could still work. They carried Josh into the plane and started it up. Suddenly the lion from the cave came out of a bush and ran towards them.

“Hurry up before the lion gets us” Gloria shouted. “Were too heavy someone needs to jump of, not me” Zac said. “Not me,” Ben said. “Not me,” Gloria said. “Not me,” Lisa said. “Not me,” Tom said. “You're the last one, so bye bye,” Gloria said as she pushed Tom off the plane. The plane went up into the air and left the misty island. “No, wait for me,” Tom screamed. Sadly the lion ate Tom but the others escaped.

They flew back to New Zealand and took Josh to the hospital but there was nothing they could do, he had already died. “It is all my fault, I’m the one who made the plane crash so it’ my fault, I should have listened to him” Lisa wept with tears. Lisa was sad for the rest of her life.

The moral of this story is, pay attention or you will have to life with it for the rest of your life.

The End

Friday, 25 October 2013

Every picture tells a story

Boom. “That didn't work” said a scientist. Far far away on a very big farm, there lived a scientist who makes special liquid that can change things. When he has tasted it and if it works he gives it to the CSL(Caretaker of Special Liquids) and they give him money. He lived alone and was 69 years old. The scientist was also a farmer who loved his crops with all his heart. But one day went the sun came out he went outside to take a look at his crops but they were dying!.

“Why are my crops dying!, I water them everyday and give them plenty of sunlight and fresh air I just don’t understand” He said very worried. He rushed to his lab and began making something that would save his cops. He did some test on his crops and figured out things like how long does it have left until it dies. “I just need one more thing, the enactment rock to complete it and save my crops, it looks like I’m going to Hawaii ”He said excited. The scientist always wanted to go to Hawaii but just did not have a reason why but since his crops were dying he had to go

He grabbed his bag and hopped into his transport machine and teleported to Hawaii. Once he got there it was very hot so. He reach into his bag and pulled out he’s special GPS and tipped in the Enactment Rock. It lead him through bushes and trees. Everything was going just right when. “Oh no, a lion” He whispered.

He checked his bag and luckily found one of his speichel liquids. The speichel liquid could turn him into a lion. So he drunk it. He turned into a lion for sure, but a female Lion. He knew the male Lion would be attracted to him so he try to sneak past. On the way the Lion female but accidentally stepped on a stick. “Whos there, well hello beautiful where are you off to” the male Lion said.
“Oh I’m just going” The female lion(the scientist) said nervously. “Don’t go just yet, I just meet you, why don’t you stay so we can play, you know” the male Lion said. “I will rather eat poo then play with you, so get lost you ugly old man” The Female Lion said running of. “That was close” the female lion said.

30 mines of walking later the special liquid weared off so now he was back to himself. The sun had set and his GPS had lead him to a pitch black cave. “It must be hidden in here” He said to himself. He looked everywhere for something he could use as a light but couldn’dt find anything. So he got to rocks and some stick and tried to light a fire to see through the dark.

Hitting the 2 rocks together he began seeing a spark. “It working” he said very excited. So he continued. The fire was lit and so he got another stick and set the top of it on fire. He enter the cave and saw it the Enactment Rock so he just ran in and grabbed it. Suddenly the cave started shaking. Then the hole cave smash down but luckily the scientist just made it.

As the sun set the scientist called of his transport machine. The transport machine arrived and he went back home. Running towards the lab he saw that his crops were worse than they were before. Once he got there, he quickly finished his special liquid that would help his crops. He rushed outside and poured it all over his crops. Intently it began growing until it was as good as new. “Ya!, it worked it worked” Shouted the scientist with joy.


Thursday, 17 October 2013

My Term 4 Question

These are my question for the term. It means at the end of the term I will try and answer all of them.
  • Who's the biggest farm Animal?
  • Were would you milk a cow?
  • When might you feed all the Animals?
  • What would you feed the Animal's?
  • How can Chicken lay eggs?
  • How does cows change the grass it eats to milk?
  • Which farm Animal do we eat the most?

Jordan IRD

Thanks to Iisa Salie for filming me

Could you imagine a world with no police stations, hospitals, schools and homes?

If we don’t pay taxes then bad things will happen and only the rich will survive. The IRD gathers income taxes. It stands for the Inland Revenue Department. They take a percentage of money from your income. Once the money is gathered they will give it to the government. The Government uses the money to pay for Transport, Heritage, Culture and Recreation, Defence, Health, Law and Order, Housing and Community Development, Social Security and Welfare and Education.

The GST takes taxes from things you buy like food, petrol and other things and gives it to the government. GST stands for Goods and Services Taxes.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

My Far Far Away

This is my Far Far Away movie it has some builds from fairy tales like the three little pigs.

Minecraft Maze

This is a maze I created on minecraft. It is made out of leaves. I really enjoyed making this maze. It took me 3 or 4 days to make it. I also built a painting and behind it is a room. In the room there is a roller coaster that travels to the end of the maze, so you can just skip the whole maze. At the end of the maze there is another roller coaster which leads to the start of the maze just incase you want to do the maze again.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Mrs. Goat and Her Seven Little Kids

Once upon a time there live a mother goat and she had 7 little kids. She was going to the supermarket to get some food for her kids. “Don’t let anyone in but me especially the wolf” mother goat said to her 7 kids.But the wolf was waiting outside for mother goat to leave.

Finley mother goat left and the wolf knocked on the door saying “Little goats I forgot to give you some thing” But the small goats was very smart in fact he was the smarts one there. He knew it wasn’t mother goat and said “ you're not mother goat you're the wolf because mother goat has a voice that sounds like beatherful music.

The wolf rush to the music shop and said to a lady “make my voice sound like beautiful music because if you don’t then I will bite your face off. So the lady did it and the wolfs voice sounded just like the mother goat’s voice. So he went back to the house.

“Little goats let me in” The wolf said in a beatiful voice. The smart goat said “Show us your paw first” the wolf put his paw into the letter hole on the door and when the little goat saw it he smashed it with his hammer. The wolf took his paw out of the hole and began sucking it.

The wolf ran to a art gallery and found an artist. “You better make my paw look like a goat’s paw or In will smash you with my paw” the wolf said. “Okay okay calm down no need to get anger management, gosh” The artist said. The artist finished working on the wolf's paw and the wolf ran straight to the goat’s house.

The wolf said. “ I’m home my darling little goats.” He showed them his painted paw. But the smart little goat said show us or tail and I will let you in. So the wolf put his ugly black tail in the letter hole. “ This is not mother goats tail, her tail looks like a shiny piece of wheat, this is the wolf’s tail” the smart little goat said and bite his tail.

The wolf ran straight to the dentist and shouted “Make my tail look like a piece of wheat” The dentist replied “But I’m a dentist not a tail remover” “But if you don’t them I will bite your tail off” the wolf said. “On the other hand, I can do it” Said the dentist in fear. The dentist remover the wolf’s tail and replace it with a piece of wheat.

The wolf went back to the goats house and called out with a nice voice “little Goat its me mother goat” He showed them his paw and his tail. So the other goats let him in but the little smart goat hid in a bucket of coal because he was not sure if that was really mother goat. The wolf ate all the goats but not the little goat because he just hid in the bucket.

Mother Goat got back from the supermarket and saw that the house was a rick so finally the last little goat came out of the bucket of coal and told her everything that happened. The wolf was at the backyard sitting on mother goats favorite chair. “That goat eats my kids, ricks my house and now he is sitting on my chair! What is up with him” She said marching out to the backyard.

Once she saw the wolf she ran to him as fast as she could and beat him up with her large horns and out came her first kid so she did it again 6 more time and one more to send him flying across the world. The goats live happily ever after. The End

Monday, 16 September 2013

The Boy Who Flew Too High

Once upon a time in a in a large tower there lived a man called Daedalus. He inventor many weapons for the King Minos army. Daedalus had a son called Icarus they wanted to go back home to Athens but King Minos keep Daedalus as a prisoner.

One day Daedalus came up with a plan and he decided to invent something new. He went to  the King and said “may I please have wax and feathers for the new invent I’m working on.” The king decided to give it to him. He got to work and ordered them in four lines, starting from the smalls feather to the larger ones. Then he sicked the feather togeather with the waxs.

When Daedalus was done he showed his son what he had created. With the feathers and wax he made two pairs wings and put one on. He began to flap his arms back and forward back and forward. When suddenly, he was no longer standing on the ground. He was flying! Icarus was amazed.

Over the next few day Daedalus tort his son he to use the other pair of wings. They both preached and preached when finally Icarus learnt how to fly. But he wasn't as good as Daedalus.

The next day Daedalus told his son,“We will fly to Athens, but you must be careful because if you fly too high the sun will melt the waxs that holds your feathers of your wings together and you will fall into the water and sink, but if you fly too low then your wings will fill with moisture and you will sink as well, understood.” “yes father” Icarus answer. Off they went.

Daedalus was leading the way and Icarus was following him. Icarus was scared because he had never flew this far before. But after a while Icarus knew it was a lot of fun. So he swoop down above the sea. Daedalus look back and said to Icarus, “Icarus stop that”. Icarus stopped playing around and got back on track.

Then he felt the wind and he was able to soar through the sky. He was soaring so high, when his dad shouted, “Icarus come down, right now!” Suddenly the wax on Icarus’s wings began to melt. He began to fall. “Help!” Icarus shouted. Sadly Daedalus couldn't caught him as he was falling. Icarus die in the water because he didn’t know how to swim. The End

So the morale of the story is listen to your parents and don’t fly too high.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Earth Ball

Once there was a man named John. He lived in a small house alone. One day, he decided to go on a walk just around the area. He hear a sound. Something was strange about the sound though. The sound leda John to a cave. He walked in. “Hello” John said. “You must be John” a weird man said.

“I am Rohn” Rohn said. “I have been waiting for you, because you can help me destroy the earth ball” Rohn said. John was confused. “What do you mean” John said. “I have had this earth ball for many years and it contains a lot of power” Rohn said. “So why me” John said. “I had a vision that today you will come into my cave” Rohn said. “ How do we destroy’ John said. “We need to drop it into the vocation of lava in lava island.

“ So lets go” John said. “ Wait how do we get to the vocation of lava in lava island?” John asked. “In my jet John said. “Okay now lets go!!!!!!!!!” John said. Off they went to the vocation in lava island . “You jet is amazing” John said as they hopped in and flew to lava island.

“There it is” Rohn said pointing to lava island. Lava island was covered of lava from the hot steaming vocation so the jet turned into a boat and they landed in the sea. Rohn had two jetpacks so they both flew over to the top of vocation.

Looking down John was scared and nerve. Rohn carefully dropped the Earth Ball into the vocation. Suddenly the vocation blowup. So Rohn and John had to get back to the boat jet. So they did but on there way Rohn ran out of batter so his jet stop and he fell into the lava and died. It was just John left and he had to get to the jet boat.

Luckily he made it. So he turn the boat back into a jet and flow back home safely. He lived happily ever after. The End

My Learning

This is what I learn in class, what I need help with, my goal and what I want to learn next