Thursday, 28 November 2013


1.Complete the Table of Information
Name of Ship
Name of Shipping Company
White Star Shipping
Length of Ship
294 metre long
Date of Maiden Voyage
10th of April 1912
Captain’s Name
Edward J. Smith

2.Where was the titanic sailing to on its maiden voyage?
New York

3.Approximately how many people were on board the Titanic when it left Southampton?

4.Why do you think the Titanic hit the iceberg?
They were going to fast

5.Why did so many people die?
There weren’t enough lifeboats for everyone

6.What is the signal ‘SOS’ a call for?

7.The Titanic is referred to as a ship and also a liner in the passage. Words in the passage similar in meaning are called synonyms. Can you find another word in the passage similar in meaning to ‘ship’.

8. Find words in the passage that mean

A. Cut Sliced
B. Died Perished
C. First  Maiden
D. Cold Chilly
E. Crisis Emergency

F. Saved Resurged

Camp Bentzon

This is what we did at camp. This some of the things we did at camp

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Kawau Island

Next week I'm going to camp Benton on Kawau Island. Here are some of the acitivtys we are doing.


Monday, 11 November 2013

my Pet mouse

On October the 10 it was my birthday and I got a Pet mouse. His name is whitney, mainly because he is white. At night he loves to run on his wheel I don’t know why. I was really carefully went every I hold him because I knew that if he runs out of my hand then I would be in big trouble because my mum hates mice. My mum didn’t want me to get him but it was my birthday. He is not even 1 years old yet and luckily he doesn't bite.

We got him from the bishop our church because his daughter owned lots of mice so they asked us if we wanted one and we said yes. He likes eating seeds, weet bix and peanut butter. He use to say in my room with my other pet budgie but it then began to get hard to breathe because of him and it got harder to clear up, so now they both stays in the garage.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Whisper

“A forest” John said looking at a forest. John was exploring his dad’s farm when he saw  a large forest near by. John always got into a lot of trouble. John slowly walked into the forest and there was just lots of trees. So he went deeper into the forest.

He loved exploring places so he was not very scared even though he was just 9 years old. He keep walking and walking when he said to himself, “I think I should go back” but when he turned around he realised that he was lost in the forest. “Help, help, is anyone there”he called. He carried on calling help for about 1 minute, but finally he stopped.

He sat down and started crying. As the sun set and the moon rose John fell asleep. In the morning John was hungry. Luckily John loved watching Man Vs Wild so he sort of knew how to survive. On one of the episodes, the man finds huhu grubs, so he got up and began looking for huhu grubs. He ran to a tree and ripped a long piece of bark and there in the tree were some huhu grubs.

John began eating them. He managed to eat all of it. When he finished he hear someone calling his name saying, “John, John” John recognized that voice, it was his grandma. “Grama, is that you, were are you”John replied. “You can‘t see me but follow the sound of my voice” John’s grandma whispered. John’s grandma had died because she had a heart attack. John followed her voice. It lead him back to the farm. “Thank you grandma, I love you” John said. “Just remember, I will always look out for you, no matter what” She replied. The End

Friday, 1 November 2013

Mystery Island

This is a fiction story but the moral is true
“Come on kids, we might miss our flight!” shouted a lady. “We’re coming” replied her son and daughter. Once upon a time there lived the Lon family. In the family there was a mother called Gloria, a father called Ben, a son called Josh who was 11 years old and a daughter called Lisa who was 16. They were flying back home to New Zealand because they were at Disneyland for a family holiday.

Carefully they hopped on the plane. “What kind of plane is this,” said Josh. The plane had smashed windows, the seats were torn up, there was not much room, there were no toilets and no seat belts. “Hi my name is Zac, you are flying Lando Line, I will be your pilot for today, we are getting ready to take off and please turn off all digital devices as it will interfere with the plane and cause the plane to crash” said Zac.

The plane took off into the air. There was a man who kept giving them disgusting food. His name was Tom he was the serviceman. The only ones on the plane was the Lon family, Zac(pilot) and Tom (the serviceman)  “Lisa Lisa look at the clouds they look so cool, that one looks like a flower, what do you think?” Josh said annoyingly.

“Be quiet, I’m trying to connect to the internet so I can chat to max(her boyfriend)”Lisa said while staring at her Iphone. “Your not allowed to connect to the internet, it will interfere with the plane and will cause us to crash weren't you listening, the pilot just said it” Josh said. “Whatever stop lying” Lisa replied. “We’re now crashing because someone tried to connect to  the internet, so pull out your lifejackets, wait we don’t have any lifejackets” Zac said calmly.

As the plane was crashing they could see a small island. It was a mystery island. The plane smashed and some parts broke off. “Is everyone okay” Tom said looking back at everyone. Everyone but Josh was okay.

“Josh, Josh are you okay, talk to me Josh,” Gloria cried. Tom came out with a first aid kit and checked if he was okay. “He’s not breathing, he’s dead,” Tom said looking up at Gloria and Ben. It was all Lisa’s fault, she felt terrible.

Zac came out and said, “We need some Boon Boon sticks to fix the plane because the radio is broken so we can't contact anyone,” “So where can we find these Boon Boon sticks, ” Ben asked. “My compass will lead us to it,” Zac replied. “Then lets go!” Said Gloria. Off they went to get the Boon Boon sticks.

The compass lead them to a dark cave. So Zac pulled out his torch. “A lion” Lisa whispered. “But look the Boon Boon stick are right behind him,” Zac said. “How are we going to get them,” Gloria said. Lisa noticed a whole on the top of the cave. “Hey look there’s a hole,” Lisa said. So they had a plan. When the lion fell asleep Ben reached throw the whole and grabbed the sticks.

“Now lets get out of here,” Gloria said. They ran to the plane and Zac began fixing it. “Tomorrow the plane will be all fixed and ready to go,” Zac said. The next morning they got into the plane. “Now lets get out of here” Lisa said. The plane had a big hole in it but it could still work. They carried Josh into the plane and started it up. Suddenly the lion from the cave came out of a bush and ran towards them.

“Hurry up before the lion gets us” Gloria shouted. “Were too heavy someone needs to jump of, not me” Zac said. “Not me,” Ben said. “Not me,” Gloria said. “Not me,” Lisa said. “Not me,” Tom said. “You're the last one, so bye bye,” Gloria said as she pushed Tom off the plane. The plane went up into the air and left the misty island. “No, wait for me,” Tom screamed. Sadly the lion ate Tom but the others escaped.

They flew back to New Zealand and took Josh to the hospital but there was nothing they could do, he had already died. “It is all my fault, I’m the one who made the plane crash so it’ my fault, I should have listened to him” Lisa wept with tears. Lisa was sad for the rest of her life.

The moral of this story is, pay attention or you will have to life with it for the rest of your life.

The End