Friday, 28 February 2014

Thank you

Dear parent helper

Thank you so much for coming. If you didn’t come, class 2 wouldn't have gone to the picnic because we would not have enough adults to help supervise us. We needed helpers and you gave up you time to help watch us. Thank you for you time and help.

Each year we like to swam in teams. First team One ( year One and Two), next team Two (year Three and Four),  then team Three (year Five and Six) and finally team Four (year Seven and Eight). We do this so it easier for the adults and teachers to watch us.

Ms V and Mr J would always bring down some sports gear to play with. There were a lot of sports like softball, soccer, rugby and more. We also brought along technology so we were able to sing and listen to music.

My favourite part of the day was eating lunch with my friends and swimming because we got the chance to bomb off the rocks. While I swam, water keep going in my mouth and it was really salty but in the end we all had fun thanks to you.

Kind Regards

Jordan A

Wednesday, 19 February 2014


“We will be walking down to the Village (The Year 1 and 2 junior classes) so that we can interview junior students and find out what kind of toys they like ”. Our teacher (Miss lagitupu) tolled us. For inquiry we had to design toys on the internet. Then using a 3D (3 dimensional) printer we would be creating the toys.

We got to the Village (The Year 1 and 2 junior class) and were split into groups and were put into classes. I was in a group with Neo and Luckis. The junior students were in pairs. The teacher matched the pairs with our groups and we began the interviews.

The two junior students I had were Quenelle (age 5) and Syriah (age 5). Quenelle liked PS3, cars and Ipads, but Suriah liked tablets, beans, monkeys, dogs, Dora, butterflies and birds. We couldn’t make a real PS3, Ipad or Tablet but we could make a fake one.

What is a netbook and how is it used?

What is a netbook and what does it look like? Pt England is part of the Manaiakalani schools, which means we use netbooks. Netbooks are dight device. We call them learning tool because they are a tool we use to learn. It looks like a laptop but smaller.

What are the part on a netbook? A netbook has a keyboard, webcam, screen, a batter(so it needs to be charged), Built in speakers, Keypad, on/off button, USB port, and hinges that connects the screen to the keyboard. You can listen to music with headphones and we even have netbook bags to put them into while we travel. If we break them or it stops not working, we’ll have to take it to Miss Tele’a and she will fix it or maybe reimage (rest it) it.

Where can netbooks be found? We can find netbooks in schools, electronic stores, homes and classes. Some days students get to take there netbooks home, if there netbook payments are updated and if there partenes have done netbook training. If they haven’t there netbooks stay at school in the netbook cabitdes.

How do you use a netbook? First you'll have to turn it on by press the on button. Then you have to sign into your netbook by typing your password and pressing enter. You'll be taken to your desktop. From there you can access the internet if you're connected to wifi.

What do we do on our netbook’s? We use our netbooks to learn new things, to create new things and to share new things. We learn online with programs called Google, Math whizz, Xtra Math and Study Ladder. We create new things online with programs called Google Drive, We video, Educreations and Show me. We share our learning online with programs called Gmail, indvielse blogs, Vimeo, Class site and Pt England site.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Samoan Dance

“Ooooooooooooooooooooo”. A loud noise filled the hall. Everyone got excited. Four ladies walked on stage. They were wearing white dresses and a flower in their hair. They began dancing. It started with soft slow music and began getting faster. They were doing a Samoan dance. They were all samoan. Everyone cheered as they danced. One of the ladies began gliding across the stage, as the others clapped and cheered. The wonderful dance ended.

One of our students named Gloria went up and asked a few questions. “At what age did you start dancing?”. Gloria said. “Well I started younger than you like at about two years old”. She replied. “What inspired you to perform?”. Gloria asked. “My children inspired me because I really wanted to teach them all knowledge I know so they can pass it on to their kids”. She replied.

Gloria asked. “Can you show us some of the dance moves you did”. “Yeah sure”. She said. She showed us how to glide but when she asked for a volunteer no one raised there hand, so mr J volunteered mr J was quite funny. They also showed us  how to do samoan clap. Some of them were going to be our faifai touters

Tuesday, 11 February 2014


What does empathy mean? Empathy is when you care for others and feel their pain. Empathy is an ability to understand others and how they feel. If I had broken my arm and a friend could feel and understand the pain I was going through, that would be empathy.

Empathy is when you share other peoples feelings. It is when you worry about others. It is when you feel others emotions and when you understand and share another person's experiences.

In the holidays when I was in Australia, my stepsister caught a disease called Gastro. Gastro is a 24 hour disease. It makes you vomit, it gives you a sour stomach, drains your energy and it is highly contagious. Her stomach began hurting and I could understand the pain she went through because I have had Gastro before too. That is Empathy.