Wednesday, 19 February 2014

What is a netbook and how is it used?

What is a netbook and what does it look like? Pt England is part of the Manaiakalani schools, which means we use netbooks. Netbooks are dight device. We call them learning tool because they are a tool we use to learn. It looks like a laptop but smaller.

What are the part on a netbook? A netbook has a keyboard, webcam, screen, a batter(so it needs to be charged), Built in speakers, Keypad, on/off button, USB port, and hinges that connects the screen to the keyboard. You can listen to music with headphones and we even have netbook bags to put them into while we travel. If we break them or it stops not working, we’ll have to take it to Miss Tele’a and she will fix it or maybe reimage (rest it) it.

Where can netbooks be found? We can find netbooks in schools, electronic stores, homes and classes. Some days students get to take there netbooks home, if there netbook payments are updated and if there partenes have done netbook training. If they haven’t there netbooks stay at school in the netbook cabitdes.

How do you use a netbook? First you'll have to turn it on by press the on button. Then you have to sign into your netbook by typing your password and pressing enter. You'll be taken to your desktop. From there you can access the internet if you're connected to wifi.

What do we do on our netbook’s? We use our netbooks to learn new things, to create new things and to share new things. We learn online with programs called Google, Math whizz, Xtra Math and Study Ladder. We create new things online with programs called Google Drive, We video, Educreations and Show me. We share our learning online with programs called Gmail, indvielse blogs, Vimeo, Class site and Pt England site.

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