Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Mount Wellington

Have you seen Mount Wellington before? I have been climbing Mount Wellington with my aunt for the past days. We going once the sun has gone down. I like to run up and down but my aunt likes to walk. Once we have got up we try to spot things that is in Glen Innes. We could see Pak n save and the M from Mcdonalds but that was all we could see. We also try to eat 5 + a Day.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Monsters University

Have you seen a movie called monsters university? It is about a monster called Mike Wazowski. Sense he was little he had a dream to be a scarer. So he goes to a university called monsters university. He meets a monster called James P. Sullivan they don’t get along but become good friends. Mike Wazowski helps James P. Sullivan with lots of things and James P. Sullivan  is the scarer. It is an amazing movie and I hope you get the chance to watch it. If you have then leave feed back with the things you liked about it.

Saturday, 20 July 2013


This is a form about pets. If you don't have pets then you can still fill out the form.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Despicable Me 2

My and my friend Iisa meet up at the movies and watched a movie called Despicable Me 2. It is amazing. After that we went to the food chro to have some food to eat. I had some chicken and my friend Iisa had a fish combo. It was good but Despicable Me 2 to about a man, who gets selected to save the world by fighting evil. He has a partner and gets help from his  minions. Do you think they make it. To fight out, go to the cinemas and watch it your self.

Sunday, 14 July 2013


I love my family and you should love yours. The love of a family, is life's greatest blessings. Families are where life begins and love never ends. Blood make you only related but love completed a family. Family isn’t whose blood you carry, it is who you love and who loves you back. Family can be together forever. I can’t imagine losing one of my family members, I love them way too much. The thing I love about my family is that they supported me so much and want the best for me. I would like to say thank you to my family for what they have done for me, I love you. Please leave feedback telling me why you love your family.

Help The Homeless

I think in Glen Innes they should create a building for people who are homeless or poor. So if you don’t have any food, need warm clothes or need to have a shower they can just go there and have a good meal because it is really sad that there are some people out there in the world that don’t have food or live on the streets. If you live in a house and you have food and warm clothes then my mum always says that you should be thankful for what you are given because there are some people in the world don’t have food and anything warm.


Have you drank a milk such call Primo? All I can say is it is good. My favorite is the banana and chocolate flavor. What flavor do you like? If you have not tried it then you can get it from  Pak n Save just 5$. It is pretty expensive but it is worth it. The bottle is just 2 Litres. It are also has vitamins A & D. I hope you get to taste it because I know like it.

Friday, 12 July 2013

The FlyIing Trunk

I read a Fairy Tale called The Flying Trunk. It is about a rich man who dies and gives his fourchon to his son. His son used it on not good thing. He has nothing left but one of his friends give him a trunk and Knowledge . The Knowledge is to leave the city in the trunk. So he did and it flew up into the air. He went to a palace  and there was a Princess he lied to her and to her family they were going to get Madrid and the Trunk catch on fire so he leave because the trunk was the thing that made him magical. So remember don’t lie or change just to get someone to like you, always be yourself and if they don’t like you then move on they might not be the right person for you because people don’t want to share there life with someone who is not the person that you think they really are.


Some people think Minecraft is just a game but we use Mindcraft as a learning tool now. Mr Marks will give us a task. For example get into a group of 5 and create a world that has a pool, a house and a thing that will make your world stand out because he knows that when you are building something on Minecraft there is lots of thing going on in your brans and that is good. So I can’t wait until next term because we will be using it way more. I thought that it was just blocks but it turns out it contains lots of learning. Now all of our netbooks have Minecraft and even our class computers. So never judge things you have never tried it might turn out to be very fun.

School Holidays

School Holidays
Finally it is the school holidays YAYA!!!!  Do you like school holiday? Well here is why I do because it is normally when all of the cool movies come out, we also get a 2 week break off school and we get to sleep whenever we want but sometime I get bored because there is nothing to do at home. Please leave feedback with more good reasons why the holidays is amazing and if you think it is boring then leave feedback why resins why you don’t like it.

My Highlight

My highlight of the term is making DLO with friends about antarctic and the animals that live there. The reason why I like it is because we can be creative and create amazing things like Movies, Presentations, Animations, Comic and Drawings. I also like sharing it not only to the class but to my family and the world. Here is one of my DLO's

Thursday, 11 July 2013

The Emperor's New Clothes

If you have read some of my other blog posts then you will know that I have a book with lots of Fairy Tales. One of my Fairy Tales is called The Emperor's New Clothes. It is about an Emperor that loves clothes!!! One day he gets tricked by two men. They say that if you can’t see this peia of clothing them you are not good at your job. So everyone pretended that they could see it but really they could not see a thing. When one day when the Emperor was showing everyone his invisible clothes a little boy said he has no clothes at all them everyone agreed the Emperor ran back to his palace ashamed

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Dan The Dunce

I Have a book filled with Fairy Tales and one of the Fairy Tales is called Dan The Dunce. It is about 3 brother finding out that a princess wants to get married so she is testing clever men but only 2 of them were clever and the 3thd was a Dunce. The 2 brothers prepared for the test. They began on there trip to the palace. The 3thd son came along. Once they got there the 2 brothers forgot everything they learnt but the 3 brother made the princess laughed. He had passed the test and they got married.


Ring went the bell. Ross began on her walk home. She was very tired because she had a big day. As she was walking a car pulled up right beside her. “Hi little girl would you like a ride home,” asked two men. “Well my feet are tired and I do live far, so okay,”she answered and hopped into the car.

“You can stop now I live in this house here,”Ross said pointing to her house, but the men did not listen and carried on. “Stop!!!,” Ross shouted. They put a bag over her head so that no one could hear her cries. Ross start to get scared.

Finally the car stopped so Ross began to freaks out. If she didn’t hopped into the car in the first place she would not have been in this mes. They pulled her out of the car and throw her on a bed. They keep her as a servant and treated her badly.

Her parents began to get worried, so they went to the school themselves. There was no sign of ross so they called the cops. “Hello I would like to speak to the police,” Rosses mum asked. “Police speaking what is your problem?,” The police asked. “My daughter is missing and I can’t find her,”Ross mum awserd. “Where are you right now?,” The police reply. “I am at St Paris school,” She said. “Okay we're on our way,” They replied.

Well ross was torched by the 2 men. Finally the police arrived at the school and Ross mum told them everything.They sent search teams out to try to find Ross. But there was no sign whatsoever of her. 2 years later.

“Ross I’m going to the toilet don’t do anything tricky,” One of the men said. Ross ran straight to the door calling for help. “Help me I have been missing of 2 years but now I’m free,” She shouted. One man came running to the door. “Move back,” He said. The man throw a rock at the glass door and Ross ran out. “I am free I am finally free, thank you kind man for freeing me,” Ross shouted.

But the men came out with a gun and began shooting Ross but then the kind man jumped in front of her and said “Ran Ran for your live and never come back here, ever,” So Ross ran. Back to her house. Luckily the men did not follow her and Roses parents were still alive. They move to america so that they will be safe and they did not see the 2 men ever again. So remember people never talk to strangers again. The End

The Antarctic and The Arctic

This show the differences and the similarities between the Antarctica and the Arctic. Click photo to make bigger

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Wild Swams

Have you read a book called The Wild Swans? I have a book of Fairy Tales and one of the story's is The Wild Swans. It is about a King. He has a daughter, 11 Sons and a wicked wife that keep trying to get rid of the children. She turned the 11 son’s into swans and made the king send the daughter away. One day the king wanted to see his daughter again. When she came to the palace, the kings wife mess her up and even the king did not recognise her. So he sent her out of the palace never to return again.

She found her brothers and was told how to save them but she could not speak until they were saved or they will die. So she did and meet a price. She save her brothers and told them everything. They got married and lived happily ever after.

Monday, 8 July 2013

The Lone Ranger

My family and I watched a movie called The Lone Ranger at the Events cinemas in newmarket. It is a very cool and funny movie with lots of action. It is about an Iron train riyal, that connecting a whole continent but the people that made it, was bad and just want money. So two men try to stop the people and never give up. Do they stop him or what!!! To find out what happens watch it your self.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Maori DLO

Our school is holding a te Reo Maori competition. The rules are simple, Your DLO should be no longer than two minutes. You will need to plan thoroughly and write a complete script and storyboard. Feel free to bring in props, costumes etc from home. Run your ideas past Mr Somerville(teacher) before filming or producing your DLO. This is our DLO. I worked on it with my friend Eric

Monday, 1 July 2013

Kelly Tarlton

Have you been to Kelly Tarlton befor? We came to Kelly Tarlton to learn and the sea life and antarctica. Kelly Tarlton is underground. When you walk into one of the room  the walls would move around so it made us very dizzy.

There was 2 species of penguins. The King Penguin and the Gentoo Penguins. We found out that King penguin are the second largest penguin in the world at about 11 to 16 kg and they eat small fish and squid. King Penguins hid from leopard seals and orcas. King Penguin look a lot similar to Emperor Penguins.

Gentoo penguins eat crustaceans such as krill, fish and squid. They hid from seal lions, leopard seals and orcas. There height is 51 and  they are 90 cm!!!Gentoo Penguins look like adelie.

Then there was a challenge wait for us. There was a pot of ice water and the challenge was see if you can put your hand in the pot for at least 30 sec but I was able to last dubly that. Once I pulled my hand out, I couldn't feel it any more. It started to feel like it was gone but I managed.

Next there was a big female squad that was dead and some jelly fish in a tank.The squad was big and dried up but it was still cool. The jellyfish look funny the way it moved but it also looks cool. I would like to say thank you to Kelly Tarlton for giving us a chance to come and learn about the sea life, we all had a lot of fun. I hope we can go on another trip.