Friday, 12 July 2013

The FlyIing Trunk

I read a Fairy Tale called The Flying Trunk. It is about a rich man who dies and gives his fourchon to his son. His son used it on not good thing. He has nothing left but one of his friends give him a trunk and Knowledge . The Knowledge is to leave the city in the trunk. So he did and it flew up into the air. He went to a palace  and there was a Princess he lied to her and to her family they were going to get Madrid and the Trunk catch on fire so he leave because the trunk was the thing that made him magical. So remember don’t lie or change just to get someone to like you, always be yourself and if they don’t like you then move on they might not be the right person for you because people don’t want to share there life with someone who is not the person that you think they really are.

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