Monday, 1 July 2013

Kelly Tarlton

Have you been to Kelly Tarlton befor? We came to Kelly Tarlton to learn and the sea life and antarctica. Kelly Tarlton is underground. When you walk into one of the room  the walls would move around so it made us very dizzy.

There was 2 species of penguins. The King Penguin and the Gentoo Penguins. We found out that King penguin are the second largest penguin in the world at about 11 to 16 kg and they eat small fish and squid. King Penguins hid from leopard seals and orcas. King Penguin look a lot similar to Emperor Penguins.

Gentoo penguins eat crustaceans such as krill, fish and squid. They hid from seal lions, leopard seals and orcas. There height is 51 and  they are 90 cm!!!Gentoo Penguins look like adelie.

Then there was a challenge wait for us. There was a pot of ice water and the challenge was see if you can put your hand in the pot for at least 30 sec but I was able to last dubly that. Once I pulled my hand out, I couldn't feel it any more. It started to feel like it was gone but I managed.

Next there was a big female squad that was dead and some jelly fish in a tank.The squad was big and dried up but it was still cool. The jellyfish look funny the way it moved but it also looks cool. I would like to say thank you to Kelly Tarlton for giving us a chance to come and learn about the sea life, we all had a lot of fun. I hope we can go on another trip.

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