Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Why is cars important?

Cars are vehicles used to travel or to get from one place to another. Without them how would people get to work. Cars are really important. There are positives to using cars and negatives.

Here are the negatives to using a car.
Well first of all in some places fuel or petrol cost a lot of money which can be frustrating. Cars pollute the air and I know that people who drive cars don’t intend to pollute the air but it just happens. Air is what we breathe so that effects us as well. To top it off cars can be dangerous for pedestrians as well. They get injured because sometimes when they are crossing the road a car comes and hits them:(

The only way to end this madness is if we ban cars and force people to purchase cars that run on electricity but some people won’t be able to afford a whole new car creating stress. Here are the positives to using cars. They get us for place to place, it might be from home to work or from home to the supermarket they are really helpful.

Image you were ready to drive to work but as you open your front door your car is missing. Suddenly you realize that every single in the world is gone. What would you be thinking? What would you do? Would you be happy?

In conclusion cars have and good and bad side to them. It is good to try use your car as less as possible and try walk to places.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Why are trees important?

Trees are one of the most important resources in the world and they are also home to many animals. Without them our world as we know it would never be the same. They are necessary for our survival because it produces gas that we breathe. There is a significant reason to why we need trees.

Trees create the oxygen that we need or we would be dead. It produces shade we sit under. It gives us the fruit that we eat. They are needed for so many products and is very valuable. It gives us the wood we need to build homes etc.

Imagine you woke up one morning and looked out your bedroom window. As your eyes scanned your backyard you notice that every single tree in the world was chopped down that night. How would you feel about this huge change? What would you be thinking about?

Cutting trees down is good at times because it creates more space for land and wood. If you cut trees down you might as well plant more so that the regeneration of trees can continue. You can chop down trees but only if it is necessary.

In conclusion trees are extremely valuable. Most people see trees as sticks and leaves but they are way more. They are special.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


This is the tattoo that I created. The cross represents my belief in God and in the church. The waves represents the fact that I love the beach. The eyes represents honesty because I believe that looking into someone eyes will attract the truth. The peace sign represents the fact that I want world peace. 

Why do we need to sleep?

Sleep gives your body the time it needs to heal. It is also the time your body grows and develop mentally and physically. It plays a big role in your health and wellbeing. The main things you would notice about someone who is not sleeping is that they would have mood swings, they would get distracted easily, they would have red eyes, they would be tied and depression will begin.

While you are sleeping your brain is preparing for the next day and the tasks ahead. It is creating new pathways that helps you maintain a healthy brain. A healthy functioning brain will remember information, it will improve your memory and will help you keep focused.

Sleep will help your creativity and the way you think. Sleeping is the time your body rest and takes a break. It is important because without sleep your body will be messed up. Your body gets taller as you sleep. Most kids hate bed time but because they are still in their youth they need the sleep or you won’t grow.

So I hope you have realized why we need sleep. It is extremely important.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Why is it important to have class rules?

The key to control is rules and discipline. A class without rules and discipline is normally full of chaos, disrespect and violence. This is bad because class is a place where students learning, not a place where students fight and go crazy. So rules are extremely important. Most people hate rules but rules are made for a reason.

Imagine if you walked into your class as a student and the teacher announced that there are no more rules. Suddenly everyone began going crazy and fighting began. What would you do? Would you join them? Do you want there to be no rules in class?

Here are a few things that can happen if there were no rules in class and if you do want there to be no rules in class this might change your mind. Some students would start robbing the things around them, like computers, laptops and other peoples personal items etc. Which would lead to thefts in the future and they would probably go to jail. Some student might bring weapons to school that can kill other students.

It would be impossible to learn because people will be too distracting. Bullying would in increase making kids abandon class. No one would feel safe and protected. Students would swear at teachers, making the teacher quite. People would disrespect each other and their privacy. Parents would start taking their children out of school and eventually there would be no more students in class.

I hope you have realized the importance of rules and why they are made.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Immersion Assembly

At the start of every term Pt England School holds an immersion assembly introducing the topic for the term. During the immersion assembly every team performs an item announcing to the school what their team is focusing on for the term. The whole school is learning about Art Attack but every team is learning about different things around Art Attack.

Team 1 has been inspired by the beauty of the environment, so they will be visiting the creek to have a picnic. In their item Mr Jacobsen (vice principal) painted a landscape picture of the beach. As he was painting, the teachers throw chocolate fish out to random students.

Team 2 are focusing on the primary colours Red, Yellow and Blue. They viewed a video with people mixing primary colour. Mixing Red and Yellow makes Orange. Mixing Blue and Red makes Purple. Mixing Yellow and Blue makes Green.

Team 3 are looking at the backgrounds of different artist, what painting they are most famous for and how they paint. e.g Leonardo Da Vinci was famous for his painting, the Mona Lisa.

Team 4 are learning about famous paintings and famous artist. In their item they held an art contest where the audience voted which painting they liked the most. There were paintings from back in the day as well as current paintings.

Team 5 painted 3 portraits. The first portrait was of Mr Jacobsen (vice principal) painted by Mrs Lagitupu and Mrs Paget. The second portrait was of Mrs Jarman (vice principal) painted by Mr Barks and Mrs Nua. The third portrait was of Mr Burt (principal) painted by Mrs Squires and Miss Clark.

They only used black and white paint and they painted it upside down. While they painted a 4 min long movie played. Once they finish they flipped it making it rightside up. Everyone glanced at the 3 portraits shocked. It looked amazing.

I find art fun and I’m looking forward to this term.