Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Immersion Assembly

At the start of every term Pt England School holds an immersion assembly introducing the topic for the term. During the immersion assembly every team performs an item announcing to the school what their team is focusing on for the term. The whole school is learning about Art Attack but every team is learning about different things around Art Attack.

Team 1 has been inspired by the beauty of the environment, so they will be visiting the creek to have a picnic. In their item Mr Jacobsen (vice principal) painted a landscape picture of the beach. As he was painting, the teachers throw chocolate fish out to random students.

Team 2 are focusing on the primary colours Red, Yellow and Blue. They viewed a video with people mixing primary colour. Mixing Red and Yellow makes Orange. Mixing Blue and Red makes Purple. Mixing Yellow and Blue makes Green.

Team 3 are looking at the backgrounds of different artist, what painting they are most famous for and how they paint. e.g Leonardo Da Vinci was famous for his painting, the Mona Lisa.

Team 4 are learning about famous paintings and famous artist. In their item they held an art contest where the audience voted which painting they liked the most. There were paintings from back in the day as well as current paintings.

Team 5 painted 3 portraits. The first portrait was of Mr Jacobsen (vice principal) painted by Mrs Lagitupu and Mrs Paget. The second portrait was of Mrs Jarman (vice principal) painted by Mr Barks and Mrs Nua. The third portrait was of Mr Burt (principal) painted by Mrs Squires and Miss Clark.

They only used black and white paint and they painted it upside down. While they painted a 4 min long movie played. Once they finish they flipped it making it rightside up. Everyone glanced at the 3 portraits shocked. It looked amazing.

I find art fun and I’m looking forward to this term.

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