Monday, 20 October 2014

Why is it important to have class rules?

The key to control is rules and discipline. A class without rules and discipline is normally full of chaos, disrespect and violence. This is bad because class is a place where students learning, not a place where students fight and go crazy. So rules are extremely important. Most people hate rules but rules are made for a reason.

Imagine if you walked into your class as a student and the teacher announced that there are no more rules. Suddenly everyone began going crazy and fighting began. What would you do? Would you join them? Do you want there to be no rules in class?

Here are a few things that can happen if there were no rules in class and if you do want there to be no rules in class this might change your mind. Some students would start robbing the things around them, like computers, laptops and other peoples personal items etc. Which would lead to thefts in the future and they would probably go to jail. Some student might bring weapons to school that can kill other students.

It would be impossible to learn because people will be too distracting. Bullying would in increase making kids abandon class. No one would feel safe and protected. Students would swear at teachers, making the teacher quite. People would disrespect each other and their privacy. Parents would start taking their children out of school and eventually there would be no more students in class.

I hope you have realized the importance of rules and why they are made.

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