Friday, 25 October 2013

Every picture tells a story

Boom. “That didn't work” said a scientist. Far far away on a very big farm, there lived a scientist who makes special liquid that can change things. When he has tasted it and if it works he gives it to the CSL(Caretaker of Special Liquids) and they give him money. He lived alone and was 69 years old. The scientist was also a farmer who loved his crops with all his heart. But one day went the sun came out he went outside to take a look at his crops but they were dying!.

“Why are my crops dying!, I water them everyday and give them plenty of sunlight and fresh air I just don’t understand” He said very worried. He rushed to his lab and began making something that would save his cops. He did some test on his crops and figured out things like how long does it have left until it dies. “I just need one more thing, the enactment rock to complete it and save my crops, it looks like I’m going to Hawaii ”He said excited. The scientist always wanted to go to Hawaii but just did not have a reason why but since his crops were dying he had to go

He grabbed his bag and hopped into his transport machine and teleported to Hawaii. Once he got there it was very hot so. He reach into his bag and pulled out he’s special GPS and tipped in the Enactment Rock. It lead him through bushes and trees. Everything was going just right when. “Oh no, a lion” He whispered.

He checked his bag and luckily found one of his speichel liquids. The speichel liquid could turn him into a lion. So he drunk it. He turned into a lion for sure, but a female Lion. He knew the male Lion would be attracted to him so he try to sneak past. On the way the Lion female but accidentally stepped on a stick. “Whos there, well hello beautiful where are you off to” the male Lion said.
“Oh I’m just going” The female lion(the scientist) said nervously. “Don’t go just yet, I just meet you, why don’t you stay so we can play, you know” the male Lion said. “I will rather eat poo then play with you, so get lost you ugly old man” The Female Lion said running of. “That was close” the female lion said.

30 mines of walking later the special liquid weared off so now he was back to himself. The sun had set and his GPS had lead him to a pitch black cave. “It must be hidden in here” He said to himself. He looked everywhere for something he could use as a light but couldn’dt find anything. So he got to rocks and some stick and tried to light a fire to see through the dark.

Hitting the 2 rocks together he began seeing a spark. “It working” he said very excited. So he continued. The fire was lit and so he got another stick and set the top of it on fire. He enter the cave and saw it the Enactment Rock so he just ran in and grabbed it. Suddenly the cave started shaking. Then the hole cave smash down but luckily the scientist just made it.

As the sun set the scientist called of his transport machine. The transport machine arrived and he went back home. Running towards the lab he saw that his crops were worse than they were before. Once he got there, he quickly finished his special liquid that would help his crops. He rushed outside and poured it all over his crops. Intently it began growing until it was as good as new. “Ya!, it worked it worked” Shouted the scientist with joy.


Thursday, 17 October 2013

My Term 4 Question

These are my question for the term. It means at the end of the term I will try and answer all of them.
  • Who's the biggest farm Animal?
  • Were would you milk a cow?
  • When might you feed all the Animals?
  • What would you feed the Animal's?
  • How can Chicken lay eggs?
  • How does cows change the grass it eats to milk?
  • Which farm Animal do we eat the most?

Jordan IRD

Thanks to Iisa Salie for filming me

Could you imagine a world with no police stations, hospitals, schools and homes?

If we don’t pay taxes then bad things will happen and only the rich will survive. The IRD gathers income taxes. It stands for the Inland Revenue Department. They take a percentage of money from your income. Once the money is gathered they will give it to the government. The Government uses the money to pay for Transport, Heritage, Culture and Recreation, Defence, Health, Law and Order, Housing and Community Development, Social Security and Welfare and Education.

The GST takes taxes from things you buy like food, petrol and other things and gives it to the government. GST stands for Goods and Services Taxes.