Friday, 29 August 2014

Should children exercise every day?

Exercise. Some kids really hate the thought of it and always try to avoid it. I agree that children should exercise every day as exercise is really important. It is proven to help you live longer. I will be explaining why daily exercise is important.

Parents normally think it is okay if their children are overweight, but it’s not really the case. From research I know that obesity can lead to an increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, breathing problems and sleeping problems. I know that parents would never want their children to get any of these health issues. Kids who are unfit have a greater chance of getting sick.

I believe a good way to exercise is to join a sports team or play outdoor games daily. For example, playing rugby, netball, basketball etc, all these sports are great ways to keep fit. To keep fit, you also need to eat the right foods. Remember to eat your fruits, vegetables and vitamins. Eating the right foods is really important as it helps improve energy levels. There are three elements to fitness: endurance, strength and flexibility.

I am aware that going on daily walks, runs, riding a bike, skipping or even running up and down the stairs a few times, are a good way to exercise. It’s those little things that help. Exercising can help improve your flexibility and stamina. It can also help strengthen your bones or muscles and it gives you a better outlook on life. Exercise to kids, is playing outside games or being physically active.

I sympathize with those people who find it hard to exercise, but they just need to try hard and push themselves. Once you believe you will achieve. The people on the “Biggest Loser” were huge but they never gave up and look at them now. I’m just saying that it is never too late to start exercising.

There is a great difference between a fit and an unfit person. For example an unfit person will be lazy. He or she will keeps zoning out during class. They will never be able to focus or concentrate and will have problems sleeping which will lead to grumpiness and no one likes a grumpy person. A fit person will usually be more focused and will be able to concentrate better. He or she will be energetic and happy most of the time.

So I hope you have realized that I have proved my point. Children should exercise every day. There are serious consequences if they don’t. Everyone wants to be happy and exercising will help you to be happy.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Why your mind and body is importent

Did you know that your body and mind is a temple of god, so you should take good care of it. If you are still in your youth your mind and body has not fully developed yet. So if you don’t take good care of it now, you're mine and body will never become fully grown and that is really important.

Your body is a gift from God, taking care of your body mean watching out for what you put in you body, making sure you eat and drink the right things and keeping your body clean. Taking drugs or alcohol creates a big impact on not only you but other people, it also affects you physically and mentally. Alcohol and drugs can actually kill you.

Your mind can do all sorts of things you never imagined. Your mind controls your whole body, from top to bottom. It holds all your knowledge and memories. Your mind plays a big role in the nerve system, so taking bad things slow down your nerve system, making you not aware of danger which means you are not alert and focused.

Taking drugs will also close a lot of doors in life. For example if you wanted to become a doctor you can’t because you will never be able to focus or concentrate on the work. Keeping you mind pure and clean is important.

So I hope you learnt a lot from this and also spread the word about your mind and body. Try hard to reach your full potential. Remember to alway keep your body and mind clean because once you began using drugs you can never go back.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Life Education

Drugs, it can make your life fall into disrepair. Especially if you start using it while you're still young. It can ruin your life. People normally begin using drugs because they think it is cool, they might use it as an escape, maybe to fit in or  just because everyone else is doing it.

Recently our class has been visiting Harold in the Life Education Caravan, where Lynne has been teaching us about illegal and legal things like drugs and alcohol. I think visiting her has been very helpful and it has helped me, to know what to do when I am offered drugs or alcohol.

Lynne also showed us a DVD about what drugs can do to our lives and how we can’t go back in time and change everything. Taking drugs is like throwing a stone into a pond, it doesn't just affect you, it also affects others like friends etc. Drugs and alcohol never pick you, you pick drugs.

If you're still in your youth and you begin taking drugs there will be a ‘Greater Impact Rate’ or GIR. This means the drugs will have a bigger impact on your brain. ‘Faster Absorption Rate’ or FAR, means your brain will absorb the drugs faster. ‘Greater Addicted Rate’ or GAR, means you will become addicted to drugs easier.

We all only get one chance at life, so we should all make use of it and just be thankful and have gratitude. If we start using drugs now we will never reach our full potential.

Friday, 8 August 2014


This week, our writing task is based around wordplosion. We have been trying to expand our vocabulary and also explain what "to succeed means" with out using the words "to succeed".