Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Life Education

Drugs, it can make your life fall into disrepair. Especially if you start using it while you're still young. It can ruin your life. People normally begin using drugs because they think it is cool, they might use it as an escape, maybe to fit in or  just because everyone else is doing it.

Recently our class has been visiting Harold in the Life Education Caravan, where Lynne has been teaching us about illegal and legal things like drugs and alcohol. I think visiting her has been very helpful and it has helped me, to know what to do when I am offered drugs or alcohol.

Lynne also showed us a DVD about what drugs can do to our lives and how we can’t go back in time and change everything. Taking drugs is like throwing a stone into a pond, it doesn't just affect you, it also affects others like friends etc. Drugs and alcohol never pick you, you pick drugs.

If you're still in your youth and you begin taking drugs there will be a ‘Greater Impact Rate’ or GIR. This means the drugs will have a bigger impact on your brain. ‘Faster Absorption Rate’ or FAR, means your brain will absorb the drugs faster. ‘Greater Addicted Rate’ or GAR, means you will become addicted to drugs easier.

We all only get one chance at life, so we should all make use of it and just be thankful and have gratitude. If we start using drugs now we will never reach our full potential.

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