Friday, 14 December 2012


Hear is a cool movie


“For 100% attendance, Jordan Alofi and for citizenship, Jordan Alofi” Said Mr Burt. I was so happy because I thought I was just getting 100% attendance. Standing up I was neves.

Walking to the up on the stage Miss King [My Teacher] gave me a Lollie lei. Then I had to get my two certificates from this kind lady. Suddenly I saw my cousin coming with another Lollie lei. “Good boy Jordan” I heard her whisper. Smiling at the crowd I saw my mum, she was waving at me.

“Now it is time for the year 5 Item, take it away year 5” Mr Burt said. We all stood up and walked onto the stage. Then the song started. We all danced and had lots of fun. We all froze then walked off the stage.

Then it was the year 6 prizes. The year 6 s got to get the sports award, we can’t get sports awards because we are year 5 s. A girl called Hope keep getting sports awards and trophies. Next it was the year 6 item. It was awesome. They danced to different song.

Then it was the year 7 prizes. My sister got 3 prizes 100% attendance, 3 place academic and now she is a perfect. After that it was the year 7s item. It had different songs like the year 6 item.

Then it was the year 8 dance their dance had different songs like the year 7 item. I liked the year 7s dance the best. I can’t wait for next year.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

100 Blogpost

Finally I have 100 blogpost. I have been trying all year to get there. To get 100 you should keep doing lots of homework any were. If you don't know what to do for homework then you should check out this web site.

Create Your Own Comic

I made this cool pic on Create Your Own Comic

Math Whizz, A Really Cool Learning Tool

One of my favourite learning websites is called Math Whizz. I think Math Whizz is a good website to learn math strategies!!! Math Whizz is suitable for all ages.

When you finish a lesson you end up doing a test.That test will be about the strategy that you learnt in your the lesson. The test will just make sure that you are ready to move on. If you are It will bring up a different lesson even harder, and if you are then it will have an easier lesson ready for you.

You can also earn credits when you do well in lessons. Why do you need credits for you might be think. Well you can go to the Whizz shop and buy eiver Pets, Plants or Toys. This will encourages to do more lessons.  

If you want to do a certain lesson again you can just got  to your replays and it will allow you to replay lessons and try to get better at that lesson. But you can not replay test. To check out the amazing website called Math Whizz just click the pic above.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Area is the amount of surface the 2D shape covers. It's measured in square units. Here is a link to the website


A perimeter is how far around the outside of a shape is. here is a link to the website

Monday, 10 December 2012

High Jump

Remember this is not a real person, I made her up
Hi my name is Vim. I am 25 years old. I love doing high jump. High jump is a jumping sport, it is very hard because you have to jump up and move your whole body over the bare.

If you want to do high jump you will need to be good at jumping, you have to be fit, you have to practice, practice, practice and never give up, unless you broke your leg and you can't run then I suppose to stop.


I made this out of 7 other shapes on a site called Tangrem

My 2012 Reflection

This year I don’t just create little baby stories, I create movies, blog post, presentation and animation with voice overs explaining what I learn. I think learning this year is cool because we can share our work with the world and they can leave us some feedback. The way we learn this year has surprised me because we use google accents not books.

I enjoyed swimming  because we learn how to put a life jacket on properly and how to swim in rough water.
My goal for next year is to understand what I read and to read more books at home. Learning online has helped me so much this year with my maths because of a learning website called Math Whizz and Xtra Math.
The best thing about being a year 5 is getting a netbook because it has helped me SO MUCH.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Jumping around in the pool, I had a lot of fun. I just like to thank Chris, pools at schoolz and watersafe for bringing the pool to Pt England School. I really enjoyed it

We learnt how to float, build rafts and put a life jacket on probably

Thursday, 29 November 2012

My toy movie

Our school-wide Inquiry was called Toy Story and I had the chance to create an imaginary toy.
I started by designing my toy using Google Draw. I then animated it using Hyperstudio and put it into iMovie to edit my animation. I had to use Hyperstudio again to create a stack with interactive buttons. I used Quicktime to make a screen recording of my interactive stack. Next I then used an iPad and iRig Microphone to record the voiceover in AudioBoo. I had to figure out how to download my voiceover so I could add it to my screen recording in iMovie.

I’m not finished yet.

Using Garageband I made a neat soundtrack. Finally, I uploaded my completed movie to vimeo and then embedded it on my blog to share.
I hope you enjoy it.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Marshmallow Monster

On a cold and dark night, the only light came from the moon and camp fire. Surrounding it was lots of trees and a clean little lake. Right in the middle of everything sat a small boy with a long and pointy stick and on that stick sat a white marshmallow. A big green tent was laid out near an enormous tree.

Suddenly a huge green creature with yellow eyes and sharp teeth came splashing out of the clean little lake. The creature look like he was searching for food. Then he spotted the little boy and stared at him like he was his next victim.

Creeping up towards the boy, the creature opened his enormous mouth like he was getting ready to eat. Finally the boy noticed that something was behind him and turned around quickly.


Friday, 23 November 2012


I LOVE MY NETBOOK!!! I just like to thank Mrs Burt for creating Manaiakalani, for bringing netbooks to our school and for creating the wireless internet TLN.

I also would like to thank my mum for paying for my netbook as well as TLN. Did you know, that all our student’s mums together pays 1/2 a million for our netbooks and to help spread TLN so that we can use it to learn at home.

Some people think  we just use netbook to play games and watch cool movies but we actually use it as a learning tool and to share stuff with the world like how I am right now. I like to share things through blogger

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


The movie that I really enjoyed was daydreamer by Pt England School. The reason why I like it is because there was some really cool animation, it was really funny and the filming was really good . I like the part when Levi throws the ball up into the air but then it comes back and hits his head. I think that that this cool movie deserves a 10 out of 10!!!  If you get the chance to you should watch Daydreamer just click Daydreamer .

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Big Dive

Diving into the pool, I Bellyflop by accident and it really hearted. Suddenly my mum came out screaming are you ok, are you ok!!! “should I call a doctor” mum asked. “No!! I just Bellyflop into the water thats all” I replied in payne. “Ok them” She said. Then she called Joe to ceka my back and it was ok. The end

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Barack Obama

Manaiaklani Film Festival

My favourite movie was this one made by room 16 pt england

Each year we have a Manaiakalani Film Festival. This is when all of the classes in most of the schools make movies to show at the Cinemas. We do this to show the other schools what we can do and to see what the other schools can do as well.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Big Game

“Go Jake!!!”my Ben shouted loudly on the sideline. Jumping in the air sadly I twisted my ankle. “Timeout!!!” the reef caled well blowing his whistle.

“Are you ok?” the reef ask. “I twisted my ankle and it really hears” I screamed. “Do you need a doctor?”  the reef ask. “Yes” I answered in pain.

“Is anyone a doctor here?” The reef caled. It was silent until a little caled out “I am, I’m a doctor” Then a little man came running down the stairs. He was as short as a dwolfe, as fat as a hippo, he wore big black glasses and funny clowes.

The little doctor looked at Jakes leg. “ah you definitely twisted your ankle, you need to go to the hospital” The doctor said. So they took Jake to the hospital and they fixed his leg

Today My Life Begins

My friends and I made this movie for the Manaiakalani Film Festival. Our whole class had the chance to make a movie. We had to plan, prepare, film and edit all by ourselves. Our class had our own film festival to select the best two, to be shown at the Manaiakalani Film Festival. Here is my group's entry!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The bull rider

“Which bull will I be riding?” I asked. “Well Paul you will be riding, Bobby.” he replied. “Bobby, b b but the minute I get in the arena I will be died” I said in fear. “Well, the boss made the choice so go talk to him about it” he said. “Okay, where is he?” I replied. “Oh about that. He is in New Jersey” he said. “I can't fly to New Jersey I won’t be back in time” I said. “ Then you will have to vs Bobby” He said.

The next day was the day was the day the match was on. Nervously I entered the ring. “go” The ref said. Lepping above the big bull I thought to myself “I am going to break the world record and become the worlds greatest bull rider” But sadly my life came to an end and I die. The end

A ghostly night

“Its time for bed” Dad said. “Ok” I replied while hopping in. Once I got into bed dad came to wish me good night. “good night, sweet dreams” Dad said.

Suddenly I heard something. It sounded  like someone was walking on our roof trying to break in. I rushed under my big warm blanket to hide. “Its probably just the rain” I whispered to myself and went back to sleep.

Then I heard it again but even louder. It got closer and each time It got closer, the sound got louder. I became more and more scared as it got closer.

Then dad came to check on me to see if everything was ok. Of course the noises stopped. “Dad I can hear something on the roof, I think someone is trying to break in” I said.  “It probably just the rain now try to go to sleep” replied dad. “ Ok” I replied. Then Dad left and went to sleep

Finally I fell asleep. Everyone in the house fell asleep. Waking up I heard something flying down the chimney. “ Who’s there?” I shouted. Suddenly dad woke up he called the cops quickly.

Dad got my brother and I and we hid in the wardrobe. We hid for what seemed like ages!

Finally the cops came and took the man with them. “Thank you so much  for helping me” dad said.
“You're safe now the man is gone” said the kind cope.

Friday, 9 November 2012


Without a care in the world, a small girl skipped  through the narrow cobblestone alleyway. Alma had been told to write her name on the town blackboard. When you are 9 years old you have to write your name on this blackboard. It was a traditional thing in this village. Alma wrote on the blackboard. A..L..M..A.. Hearing an old machine working behind her, she turned around in surprise. She saw a doll that looked exactly like her.

Staring at the doll, Alma wiped the frost that had gathered on the shop window to get a better view of the doll. The doll disappeared silently. She crept over to the door. Alma thrust her hand out and pulled down the handle. It was locked. Angrily she walked away and grabbed a snowball and threw it to the door.

Walking away from the shop, suddenly the door followed open. Alma turned around with excitement, and ran to the door. Taking a step in the shop, Alma looked around. Everything looked so threadbare. Looking around, Alma saw the doll on a table. Peering at the identical looking doll, she stumbled towards it, one step at a time.

Suddenly, she heard something. Alma looked down, and saw a little toy on the floor. It was a boy pedaling a tricycle. Alma put the bike upright, and it cycled circles around her, then over to the door. BANG! It closed just in front of him. The boy kept on cycling forwards, slamming into the door over and over again. He looked as if ….....

Alma looked around, and wondered where the doll went again. It had disappeared. She then saw it again, on the shelf next to other dolls. Climbing the sofa underneath her, Alma was ignorant of everything but the doll that looked like her. As she was reaching up for the doll, all the other dolls moved their eyes and followed her. But Alma didn’t notice anything.

When Alma’s hand touched the doll, there was a ZAP!! Her whole life flashed before her eyes. Alma looked around. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t smile. She couldn’t do ANYthing but look around and breathe, which became heavy. Then everything made sense. The boy on the bike (which was still slamming into the door over and over again) WAS trying to escape, and all the other dolls were trying to warn her, but they could only look around.

In horror, Alma saw the next doll wheel up..... The End

Thursday, 8 November 2012


Sprinting toward the finish line I came 2 place. “You're fast” I said to Tame the person I was trying to beat. “ 1,2,3 come over here” one of the teachers said.

As we got closer we thought we were in trouble or something like that but she was actually picking the finalists. She then said to wait here for the others. I was so excited.

Walking to the start line again, I suddenly got nervous. “Take your mark, get  set, bang” mister J said and I was off.

Running off, my feet started hurting but I still cared about running. It started hurting even more but I just ignored it and kept on running.

I came 4th and Lee just beat me, but I was still proud of myself for not giving up - even though my foot hurt. Next  was Iisa. Then Ron. I was limping away with pride.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Retell A Movie Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Walking down the path I was real starving. Suddenly I found a coin. It was just sitting right on the edge of the drain.  I picked it up and ran to the nearest shop.

“One bar of chocolate please” I said very excitingly . “Which one”, the shopkeeper replied . “ “The biggest one you’ve got please” I continued kindly. “Ok” He replied while giving me my bar. I wolfed it all down my throat.

As I walked out of the shop, I remember about grandpa Joe. “I must buy one for grandpa Joe, he is so kind to me”, I thought in my head. So I went back to the counter and ask for a normal chocolate bar. So he gave me one.

I opened the door and went back outside. Turning around there were a lot of people jostling through the newspaper man. Sneaking to the bunch of crowds, I listened very carefully. “There is one more golden ticket”.

I turned around and thought of something. “I might have one more chance about the ticket”. Walking to the nearest corner, I reached into my bag and grabbed the bar. Opening the corners I was really nervous. It was there. My hand went up in the air with a great happiness on my face.

“The little kid had found”, A lady came and grabbed my hand and took me to the crowd. “Run Charlie”, A man shouted. I listened. I ran for my life to show Grandpa Joe.

Monday, 29 October 2012

flying on the swing

“Look at me, I am flying like a bird” Jake shouted while he was in air. “Oh on now I am falling like a dead bird” He said. Jake started screaming his head off “Help help!!!”.

“I am going to smash into that tree” He thought. Suddenly walking down the rode was a man and hear me. “I coming” the man said.

Lucky the man managed to save him. “Thank you for saving me!!!” Jake said. “No problem” The kind man replied.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Decimals from biggest to smallest

Decimals from biggest to smallest from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

We made a movie to show that we know our decimals from biggest to smallest.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Pt England Reserv

Hi my name is Jon. I am 8 years old and live with my mum and sister. My dad died in a car cash.  My family and I decided to go to Pt England Reserv to have some fun.

“What are you making Mum” I said  “ Sandwiches” Mum said while chopping up the Tomatoes.  “Its so hot, mum can I go and swim now?” I asked, smiling. “Of course but take your sister with you” Mum said.

Sprinting to the toilet I quickly got changed into my swimming togs. Suddenly my sister Mel came in. “Get out I am getting change” I shouted at her face. “Then hurry up” She shouted back.   Finally I was already to go and swim, so I got my clothes and went. I put my clothes on the mat next to mum.

Leaping into the water, it was warm. When Mel came diving towards me. Luckily I got out just in time. “Y y you could have switched me man” I sadly said. “That is why you move man” She replied.

“Should we have a race to see who can swim to that enormous pole and back” said Mel. “ Ok then’ I said. Ready, Set, Go “I am going to beat you” Mel said. “I Don't  think so” I replied.

Swimming towards the giant pole I saw a black whale approaching Mel. I tried to tell her but she  kept swimming “Stop Mel stop or else he will eat you stop” I shouted. But she did not listen, she carried on swimming. Sadly the whale swallowed her.

I started thinking really hard, “ The whale just swallowed her right so all we need to do is make it blow water out of his blow hole but how am I going to do that, I need to call ben 10 to fill the whale with water, so when it is full it will blow out water and mel will came out” Said Jon.

So I call Ben 10 and he turned into a water man and he filled water into the whale’s mouth. I had to wait for the whale to digest the water. Finally he had finished digesting the water. The whale blew water out of his blow hole and mel came out.

“Mel”. “Jon” .“You are back let’s never do that again” I said. “Jon. Mel lunch is ready” Mum said. “Coming” Jon said. “lets just go eat” Mel said.

Friday, 19 October 2012


today’s Halloween, I am going as a ninja. My sister’s going as a clown, but there is nothing scary about clowns.  They just make me laugh when they do tricks.

We began our trick or treating at Maber street, because that is where most of my friend live.

When we had finished, trick or treating our bucket was filled with lollies. We went back home, when suddenly my sister grabbed the bucket from my hand and aggressively said “I am the one who took you trick or treating, so I am going the have the lollies” “B b but mum said to share it” I said in a sad voice. I got angry and tried to pull the bucket back to me. “I will punch your face if you don't let go”  said my sister. “It is going to break” I shouted. So then I let go because I knew that bucket would break soon. In the end I was the grownup for letting go of it.

Monday, 15 October 2012


Hello. At home I went on this website called Story Starters and here is a link to the page. When you get on it you will have to type your name. Then pick a grade. When you have done both type your name and pick a grade here is the fun part next you press spin. If you do not like a part of your sentence then press spin the wheel and it will be changed. After you have spun the wheel and you like you scenesters then you can press next. When you have press next. Now you have to peck a form. Then make up a story about what your sentence says.

My sentence said Write a folk tale about a powerful vampire who wins the lottery.

Have you ever win the lottery before? Will one upon a time there was a vampire who win the lottery. It all began when the vampire said “I am so hungry ”So he went on a  walk on his walk saw a girl with lottery. So he said “what is that ” to the little girl. The little girl replied and said “this is a lottery you never know because you might win 200$” “ Were can you get it from” said the vampire. “From in that stop” said the little girl. So the vampire went were the little girl pointed. “Can I have a lottery plays” “Of calsed just 2$” “ Ok “ So the vampire looked in his pocket and sorry 2$ and gave it to the girl selling the lottery's.” thank you and good luck” “I hope I win OH my goodness I have just winn 200$ YaYaYa!!!”  So that was story about how the vampire win the lottery. I hope you enjoyed it. The End

Agent A

Once upon a time there was a spy called Agent A. He was rich and had 2 kids. Their names were peter and Rob.

One day when Agent A was watching tv a mission appeared on the screen. It was his boss Agent J. He said “ We need your help to stop the evil doctor Tom. He has the president locked up on an island. He is going to kill him so he can become president himself. I will send the map to your Jet Plane so you can fly there. Good luck and goodbye.

So off he went on his Jet Plane to the island. As he landed on the sand he saw a cave so he walked in it. In it was a door. He got out a pen. The special thing about this pen is when you draw with it it melts the line that you drew on, so it broke the line on the door ,when all of a sudden he walked into a trap.

Then tom came out saying “well well well look who we have here, Agent A I haven't seen you in a long time where have you been I thought you were dead”. As Tom was talked Agent A was trying to cut the trap.” I was go and get the president stay here” said Tom. Finally he got out of the trap and he used his plungers to stick on the rofe. Tom came in with the president saying “Agent A are you here hello Agent A where are you. Out came Agent A and kicked Tom on the back. Tom fell on the floor.

Then Agent A called Agent J[ Boss] and said “I stopped doctor Tom and I have the president with me””Very good Agent A now take the president back on your Jet Plane” said Agent A. Flying pass the water they went to N.Z. The president gave more money to Agent A. So he became more rich and lived happily ever after. The End

the lazy Jellyfish

Hello. At home I went on this website called Story Starters and here is a link to the page. When you get on it you will have to type your name. Then pick a grade. When you have done both type your name and pick a grade here is the fun part next you press spin. If you do not like a part of your sentence then press spin the wheel and it will be changed. After you have spun the wheel and you like you scenesters then you can press next. When you have press next. Now you have to peck a form. Then make up a story about what your sentence says.

My sentence said Write a tall tale about a lazy Jellyfish named Bob who get a job at a pet store.

Once upon a time there was a Jellyfish named Bob. He was lazy and had 5 pets but took good care of them very well. He loved animals so much that his house looked like a zoo.

One day when he went to get some food for his pets. When he went to pay for his items he realizes that he did not have enough money.

When he heard people saying that they need someone help fill in fed the animals for a week for Rob because he broke his arm. He thought to himself he loves animals and needs some money so Bob said “ I can do it” “ do what” the people said. “Fill in for the that person who broke his arm” said Bob the lazy Jellyfish. “Ok then come tomorrow at 7:30 am ok” the people said. “Ok” said Bob.

The next day Bob came at 7:30 am and waited for the people. When in they came. Bob was excited. “ right on time” they said. “so what do I do” said Bob. “Just go and feed the birds over there and come back but remember you are just filling in for some one ok” said the people. “ Ok” said Bob.

Off he went to feed the birds. “lalalalala” Bob sang as he fed the birds. “This is fun” Bob said. He loved feeding pets and loved playing with pets.

When he was done he went back to the people and said “I’m back”. “Feed the animals 3 times a day 1 morning which you have already 2 afternoon 3 evening come every day a week and just feed them good bye I will pay you on friday” the people said. “Ok then” said Bob

So he did what they said. On friday when the people went to look at the birds they were shocked because the bird were fed will and Bob fed them well. When they saw that Bob not only fed the birds but play with they and mad shower they were well they gave him the Job and that was the story of how the lazy Jellyfish Bob got a job at the pet store the end.

What is a toy

Were are some idea's on what room 13 think of a toy and some toy's we like. Here is a link to the website that I made this picture from Wordle

Saturday, 29 September 2012

The Passenger

Today I’m going to read a story called The Passenger er er er er er. I hope you enjoy and don’t have any nightmares. It all began....

On a cold and stormy day, I John wilson decided to take the Bus home. Getting closer and closer towards the bus stop I saw Buster barking and howling at other people as they walked past the old broken fences. Buster was not so kind, everyone including me is really scared of him because he barks and howls at us.

Anyways the bus was coming to the bus stop. I said to myself “I’m going to face my fear and just go”  so I took a deep brief and ran for my life into the bus with my umbrella and sat down. Then I got out my book and tried to make myself as comfortable as possible. I finally got comfortable but I had to put headphones on.

There was a fish sitting right next to me. He was a bit freaky. One eye looked left and the other looked right and bubbles kept on coming out of his fishy lips. He looked like a stachiw just sitting there. I fought like clapping in front of his face. We were the only ones on the bus.

I turned on my mp3 player. When ra the little fish turned into a monster and tried to kill me but my headphones came out and the monster turned back into a fish I put my headphones back in when the fish turned into a monster again. My headphones came out again and the fish turned back into a fish.

I realized the fish would only turn into a monster when I listen to my mp3 player. I had a plan. A toke the fish and toweled the bus to take me back to where buster was.

So then I got the fish and put it in front of Buster, Buster kept on barking the  fish so I turned on my mp3 player and the little fish turned into a monster again and scared Buster. That day on Buster never barked but at anyone again.

The End

Friday, 28 September 2012

Dream holiday

This is my Dream holiday

Mouse in Black

Once upon a time, there was a Mouse called Pall. He worked in a company called Mouse in Black, they were spies working undercover. As Pall was walking he saw his boss and his boss gave him a mission and said “Remember in 1994 when the Mouse in Black were still in business and were guarding the cheese of lerat from the rats in white” “Yeah” Pall said. “Well they found it and are planning to destroy the word with it, you need to stop them with your new sidekick Bob” His boss replied.  

Setting off on his mission Pall got his jetplane and packed his spy gear “ Ready Bob” said Pall. “Ready” said Bob. Off they flew to France in Pall’s jetplane. “It looks so beautiful” Bob said. Pall did not want to muck around because the world was in his hands. He got out of his Spy bag his old  L.C.F[lerat cheese finder] and walked around France. This would lead him to the cheese. But it led him to a brick wall.

Pall started to think, when he had a plan. He got out a bomb and put it in front of the brick wall and let it. When BOOM the bomb went off. Hiding behind the wall was a big door. Pall opened the door, when Bob tied Pall up with a rope. “What are you doing?” Pall said. “I am stopping you from taking the Cheese of lerat, I actually work for the rats in white I was sent here to stop you” said Bob taking off his mask “I should've know you were evil from the start” said Pall. “ Bye” Bob said leaving the room.

Pall sadly remembered about his lazer pen. So he tried to get it out of his pocket. He eventually  got it but he had to try real hard.

When he got out of the rop and tried to remember where Bob went. He found the cheese but there the R.I.W already started the destroying of the word. He put some spy gear that helped him steke to wall’s. Then clamped onto the walls of the room that the R.I.W were in and tied a rope onto the roof. Then tied the other end to his shirt then jumped of the roof and quickly took the cheese with no one noticing he took it because they were all celebrating. Then pall climbed back up. When suddenly Bob walked in and saw that the cheese was gone. Then Bob looked all over the room and said “my senses are tingling I can smell a Mouse in the house. Pall was worried Bob could smell he. Bob looked up and saw Pall hiding. Then Pall came down and got a sick then whacked Bob in the head with it and ran away with the cheese of lerat. He found his jet and went back home.

Walking into the M.I.B’s secret hideout, Pall held up the lost cheese of lerat. Everyone clapped  and cheered as Pall came in. They planned a surprise party for Pall And they all lived happily ever after. The End.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

VY Canis Majoris

Do you ever wonder what is the biggest thing in the universe? Well today you will find out. Some say it is the sun, well they are absolutely incorrect. It is actually a star called VY Canis Majoris. The sun is also known as the yellow dwarf compared to VY Canis Majoris. It then goes Mu Cephei, then Antares A, next Pistol Star, then Rigel, next Aldebaran, then Arcturus, then Pollux, then Sirius, then the sun, then uranus, next Neptune, then Earth, then venus, then Mars, then mercury, Lastly Earth’s moon and that is the order of the star’s and planet’s. Here is a little movie about what I was talking about.

VY Canis Majoris:
It is about 2000 times the size of our Sun with a diameter of 3,063,500,000,000m.The surface temperature of the star is comparatively cooler than our Sun with 3,000K compared to our Sun's 5,800K. If this star replaced our Sun in the Solar system, it would extend up to Saturn. It is about 4,900 light years away from Earth. The surface temperature of the star is comparatively cooler than our Sun. The VY Canis Majoris is so large, that if an airplane traveling 900 km/h were to circle it, it would take over 1100 years to make one journey!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

My Basketball story reycraft

style="background-color: transparent;">

“Today is the last day of basketball” Miss King said to room 13. “LAST DAY, WHAT??!!” I said to myself. I was so sad because I love basketball. It is fun lots learning new skills. That day it was my friend Frank’s birthday, he was turning 10.

Walking to the court we were very excited to play basketball. That morning my friends and I were freezing cold!!!. It was so cold that in fact there was ice on the grass.

When we got there we had to sit down on the court. We had to warmed up, so we played over and under in a group of 5.  It was so much fun!!!

When we finish warming up, we played a shooting relay game in the same groups. I got the ball in the hoop in one go so did my friend Frank. I did not like the shooting game but I still had fun.

“1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9” our trainer said. I was number 3. We played another shooting game but with numbers. I liked that  game most of all, it was my favorite

The fun ended, then we had to sit down on the court . We finish up and waved goodbye. The End

“Today is the last day of basketball” Miss King said to room 13. “LAST DAY, WHAT??!!” I said to myself. I was so sad because I love basketball. It is fun learning lots of new skills.

That day it was my friend Frank’s birthday, he was turning 10. I did not get him anything. But I said happy birthday and that is all that matters. Lets get back to the story should we?

Walking to the court I was very excited to play basketball and learn the new skills. It was so freezing cold!!!. It was so cold that in fact there was ice on the grass.

When we got there we had to sit down on the flall. Our trainer saw us freezing cold so he decided to have us do a little warmed up, so we played over and under in a group of 5 and. It was so much fun!!!

We were warming up and ready to play. We played a shooting relay game in the same groups. I got the ball in the hoop in one go so did my friend Frank. I did not like the shooting game but I still had fun.

“1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9” our trainer said. I was number 3. We played another shooting game but with numbers. I liked that  game most of all, it was my favorite

Sadly the fun ended . We finish up and waved goodbye. The End.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Farewell Mrs Verry


Walking into assembly, I saw Mrs Verry sitting in a chair right in the center of the hall. As I sat down, I heard my friend’s saying Mrs Verry is retiring. Once I heard she was leaving I felt really really sad!!! She worked at our school for nearly 20 years. How cool is that. She deserve a break from kids.

Finally assembly started and I was so excited to see what we were going to do for Mrs Verry. Mr Burt always does something whenever one of our staff members leaves. We started 
assembly off by sing to national anthem as usuall. Mr Burt wore a yellow wig and rock;star glasses.
Then Mr Burt talked about Mrs Verry and how she was the Queen of bling because she kept on wearing lots of bling. She was a Super Gran because she kept on helping us and he also talked about how they were next door neighbors. Mrs Verry started crying. Mr Burt said “ she also cries easily”.

Suddenly the junior pounamu stood up and went on the stage to perform thir haka. It was a real cool haka. They did it strong with power.

Then some Samoan girl stood up and done a speech in Samoan but I did not understand anything they said. Then they did a Samoan dance. Everyone cared as they danced. It was reyll lowd.

Then we played a movie about Mrs Verry. It made her cry even more. Kid’s stood up and gave her a flower necklaces and some loley lay’s to her.

Mr Verry wanted to gave a speech so she did. When she gave her speech my eyes started to get wordrey I was about to cry because she was leaving but luckily I did not. Mrs Verry was really kind and caring. She was the reading support teacher but now it is Miss Read.