Friday, 2 November 2012

Retell A Movie Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Walking down the path I was real starving. Suddenly I found a coin. It was just sitting right on the edge of the drain.  I picked it up and ran to the nearest shop.

“One bar of chocolate please” I said very excitingly . “Which one”, the shopkeeper replied . “ “The biggest one you’ve got please” I continued kindly. “Ok” He replied while giving me my bar. I wolfed it all down my throat.

As I walked out of the shop, I remember about grandpa Joe. “I must buy one for grandpa Joe, he is so kind to me”, I thought in my head. So I went back to the counter and ask for a normal chocolate bar. So he gave me one.

I opened the door and went back outside. Turning around there were a lot of people jostling through the newspaper man. Sneaking to the bunch of crowds, I listened very carefully. “There is one more golden ticket”.

I turned around and thought of something. “I might have one more chance about the ticket”. Walking to the nearest corner, I reached into my bag and grabbed the bar. Opening the corners I was really nervous. It was there. My hand went up in the air with a great happiness on my face.

“The little kid had found”, A lady came and grabbed my hand and took me to the crowd. “Run Charlie”, A man shouted. I listened. I ran for my life to show Grandpa Joe.

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