Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A ghostly night

“Its time for bed” Dad said. “Ok” I replied while hopping in. Once I got into bed dad came to wish me good night. “good night, sweet dreams” Dad said.

Suddenly I heard something. It sounded  like someone was walking on our roof trying to break in. I rushed under my big warm blanket to hide. “Its probably just the rain” I whispered to myself and went back to sleep.

Then I heard it again but even louder. It got closer and each time It got closer, the sound got louder. I became more and more scared as it got closer.

Then dad came to check on me to see if everything was ok. Of course the noises stopped. “Dad I can hear something on the roof, I think someone is trying to break in” I said.  “It probably just the rain now try to go to sleep” replied dad. “ Ok” I replied. Then Dad left and went to sleep

Finally I fell asleep. Everyone in the house fell asleep. Waking up I heard something flying down the chimney. “ Who’s there?” I shouted. Suddenly dad woke up he called the cops quickly.

Dad got my brother and I and we hid in the wardrobe. We hid for what seemed like ages!

Finally the cops came and took the man with them. “Thank you so much  for helping me” dad said.
“You're safe now the man is gone” said the kind cope.

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