Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Big Game

“Go Jake!!!”my Ben shouted loudly on the sideline. Jumping in the air sadly I twisted my ankle. “Timeout!!!” the reef caled well blowing his whistle.

“Are you ok?” the reef ask. “I twisted my ankle and it really hears” I screamed. “Do you need a doctor?”  the reef ask. “Yes” I answered in pain.

“Is anyone a doctor here?” The reef caled. It was silent until a little caled out “I am, I’m a doctor” Then a little man came running down the stairs. He was as short as a dwolfe, as fat as a hippo, he wore big black glasses and funny clowes.

The little doctor looked at Jakes leg. “ah you definitely twisted your ankle, you need to go to the hospital” The doctor said. So they took Jake to the hospital and they fixed his leg

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