Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Thank you letter

Dear Mr Filimoehala

Thank you for helping supervise us on our trip to the Auckland Museum. Your help is truly appreciated. Without your help our trip would of been canceled. We took some interesting artistic photos and created fun memories.

You lead and helped us understand the art of cultural styles. Your commitment and helping was something truly amazing and precious to us. You kept us from going astray and stayed as an example to us.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Dark Chocolate

The thing I am addicted to in this whole integer universe is, dark chocolate! I love it. When I go Pak’n Save I always beg my mum for a bar of dark chocolate. If I were ever stunk on an island all I would want is a bar of dark chocolate, oh and my family of course.

I often dream about being in a land all made of dark chocolate. When I ever have this dream I always try make it last forever. I love have this dream I call it the Dark Island. In this dream the chocolate never melts and will never is past its expiry date.

For some reason whenever I try to eat the dark chocolate I always wake up. I never get sick of dark chocolate. I probably get one whole bar of dark chocolate a week.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


It was athletics day and I was excited. Athletics is the day when people participate in a mixture of events. Each pupil is put into their year group and they will be staying in that year group for the whole day. Pt England recently held our athletics day on the 14th of november 2014.

The first events we did was sack races and tug a rope. Each year 7 was put into smaller groups of 6 to 7. In these groups we raced each other in our sacks and to figure out what team is the fastest. After having fun with the sacks we began a tug a war comp. This was done in the same teams.

We then moved to softball throws it was fun. I am really bad at throwing softball but I still gave it a go. I failed but I didn’t really are

The next event was relays. We had to run a short distance and deliver the pool noodle to the next person. Then we did skipping races. I don’t know the point of this event but I still had fun. It was similar to the relays

The obstacle course was cool because we raced each other trying to find out who is the fastest team. After this we had lunch to help boost our energy. Once we finished lunch we did shot put. Shot put was wonderful because there were supportive people who encouraged me.

Our last event for the day was high jump. I enjoyed this because I love landing on the high jump mat. Taniela came first, Brandon came second and Vaifoa came third.  

Monday, 3 November 2014

Auckland Museum

The Auckland Museum is where valuable objects are held for the public to admire. It is a good place for a school trip because it will teach pupils about the history of objects. Recently the year 7 students visited the Auckland Museum and looked at the art gallery.  Some of the item you will find there might be modern or outdated. Each object has their own text explaining what the object is, what it was used for and what it was made of.

In the Auckland Museum I managed to locate the Tonga coat of arms. It was in the Pacific gallery. There was also tapa and tradition customs. It is important to learning about your coulcher and ancestors. In the Tonga coat of arms the shield has been divided into quarters.  The top left quarter shows three stars representing the three main islands, Tongatapu, Ha'apai, and Vava'u. The top right quarter shows a crown representing the kingdom.

The bottom left quarter shows a dove bird with an olive branch in its beak which represents the lord, peace and our belief in god (the dove is from the story Noah and the great flood). The bottom left shows three swords representing the three monarchs to the throne. The six star in the middle of the sheil with the cross inside represents the nation. Finally the writing at the bottom reads Tonga and God is my Inheritance.

In the Māori gallery you will find detailed carvings, woven bags and mats. There are even wakas. Out in the domain there are large scorchers that you can play on there is even a small water fall.

In conclusion the Auckland Museum is where things of great value are held. It is a historic place.