Monday, 24 November 2014

Dark Chocolate

The thing I am addicted to in this whole integer universe is, dark chocolate! I love it. When I go Pak’n Save I always beg my mum for a bar of dark chocolate. If I were ever stunk on an island all I would want is a bar of dark chocolate, oh and my family of course.

I often dream about being in a land all made of dark chocolate. When I ever have this dream I always try make it last forever. I love have this dream I call it the Dark Island. In this dream the chocolate never melts and will never is past its expiry date.

For some reason whenever I try to eat the dark chocolate I always wake up. I never get sick of dark chocolate. I probably get one whole bar of dark chocolate a week.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jordan

    Chocolate is my favourite food too! But I don't just like dark chocolate, I love every single type of chocolate every invented! Yum! What a neat dream to have!