Wednesday, 19 November 2014


It was athletics day and I was excited. Athletics is the day when people participate in a mixture of events. Each pupil is put into their year group and they will be staying in that year group for the whole day. Pt England recently held our athletics day on the 14th of november 2014.

The first events we did was sack races and tug a rope. Each year 7 was put into smaller groups of 6 to 7. In these groups we raced each other in our sacks and to figure out what team is the fastest. After having fun with the sacks we began a tug a war comp. This was done in the same teams.

We then moved to softball throws it was fun. I am really bad at throwing softball but I still gave it a go. I failed but I didn’t really are

The next event was relays. We had to run a short distance and deliver the pool noodle to the next person. Then we did skipping races. I don’t know the point of this event but I still had fun. It was similar to the relays

The obstacle course was cool because we raced each other trying to find out who is the fastest team. After this we had lunch to help boost our energy. Once we finished lunch we did shot put. Shot put was wonderful because there were supportive people who encouraged me.

Our last event for the day was high jump. I enjoyed this because I love landing on the high jump mat. Taniela came first, Brandon came second and Vaifoa came third.  

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