Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The bull rider

“Which bull will I be riding?” I asked. “Well Paul you will be riding, Bobby.” he replied. “Bobby, b b but the minute I get in the arena I will be died” I said in fear. “Well, the boss made the choice so go talk to him about it” he said. “Okay, where is he?” I replied. “Oh about that. He is in New Jersey” he said. “I can't fly to New Jersey I won’t be back in time” I said. “ Then you will have to vs Bobby” He said.

The next day was the day was the day the match was on. Nervously I entered the ring. “go” The ref said. Lepping above the big bull I thought to myself “I am going to break the world record and become the worlds greatest bull rider” But sadly my life came to an end and I die. The end

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