Monday, 15 October 2012

the lazy Jellyfish

Hello. At home I went on this website called Story Starters and here is a link to the page. When you get on it you will have to type your name. Then pick a grade. When you have done both type your name and pick a grade here is the fun part next you press spin. If you do not like a part of your sentence then press spin the wheel and it will be changed. After you have spun the wheel and you like you scenesters then you can press next. When you have press next. Now you have to peck a form. Then make up a story about what your sentence says.

My sentence said Write a tall tale about a lazy Jellyfish named Bob who get a job at a pet store.

Once upon a time there was a Jellyfish named Bob. He was lazy and had 5 pets but took good care of them very well. He loved animals so much that his house looked like a zoo.

One day when he went to get some food for his pets. When he went to pay for his items he realizes that he did not have enough money.

When he heard people saying that they need someone help fill in fed the animals for a week for Rob because he broke his arm. He thought to himself he loves animals and needs some money so Bob said “ I can do it” “ do what” the people said. “Fill in for the that person who broke his arm” said Bob the lazy Jellyfish. “Ok then come tomorrow at 7:30 am ok” the people said. “Ok” said Bob.

The next day Bob came at 7:30 am and waited for the people. When in they came. Bob was excited. “ right on time” they said. “so what do I do” said Bob. “Just go and feed the birds over there and come back but remember you are just filling in for some one ok” said the people. “ Ok” said Bob.

Off he went to feed the birds. “lalalalala” Bob sang as he fed the birds. “This is fun” Bob said. He loved feeding pets and loved playing with pets.

When he was done he went back to the people and said “I’m back”. “Feed the animals 3 times a day 1 morning which you have already 2 afternoon 3 evening come every day a week and just feed them good bye I will pay you on friday” the people said. “Ok then” said Bob

So he did what they said. On friday when the people went to look at the birds they were shocked because the bird were fed will and Bob fed them well. When they saw that Bob not only fed the birds but play with they and mad shower they were well they gave him the Job and that was the story of how the lazy Jellyfish Bob got a job at the pet store the end.

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