Monday, 15 October 2012

Agent A

Once upon a time there was a spy called Agent A. He was rich and had 2 kids. Their names were peter and Rob.

One day when Agent A was watching tv a mission appeared on the screen. It was his boss Agent J. He said “ We need your help to stop the evil doctor Tom. He has the president locked up on an island. He is going to kill him so he can become president himself. I will send the map to your Jet Plane so you can fly there. Good luck and goodbye.

So off he went on his Jet Plane to the island. As he landed on the sand he saw a cave so he walked in it. In it was a door. He got out a pen. The special thing about this pen is when you draw with it it melts the line that you drew on, so it broke the line on the door ,when all of a sudden he walked into a trap.

Then tom came out saying “well well well look who we have here, Agent A I haven't seen you in a long time where have you been I thought you were dead”. As Tom was talked Agent A was trying to cut the trap.” I was go and get the president stay here” said Tom. Finally he got out of the trap and he used his plungers to stick on the rofe. Tom came in with the president saying “Agent A are you here hello Agent A where are you. Out came Agent A and kicked Tom on the back. Tom fell on the floor.

Then Agent A called Agent J[ Boss] and said “I stopped doctor Tom and I have the president with me””Very good Agent A now take the president back on your Jet Plane” said Agent A. Flying pass the water they went to N.Z. The president gave more money to Agent A. So he became more rich and lived happily ever after. The End

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