Friday, 19 October 2012


today’s Halloween, I am going as a ninja. My sister’s going as a clown, but there is nothing scary about clowns.  They just make me laugh when they do tricks.

We began our trick or treating at Maber street, because that is where most of my friend live.

When we had finished, trick or treating our bucket was filled with lollies. We went back home, when suddenly my sister grabbed the bucket from my hand and aggressively said “I am the one who took you trick or treating, so I am going the have the lollies” “B b but mum said to share it” I said in a sad voice. I got angry and tried to pull the bucket back to me. “I will punch your face if you don't let go”  said my sister. “It is going to break” I shouted. So then I let go because I knew that bucket would break soon. In the end I was the grownup for letting go of it.

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  1. Hi Jordan,
    Real funny... This narrative is really cool to read. I was laughing when me and you started to argue just for lollies. Anyway, I can't wait to read more interesting post. Keep up the great work!