Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Pt England Reserv

Hi my name is Jon. I am 8 years old and live with my mum and sister. My dad died in a car cash.  My family and I decided to go to Pt England Reserv to have some fun.

“What are you making Mum” I said  “ Sandwiches” Mum said while chopping up the Tomatoes.  “Its so hot, mum can I go and swim now?” I asked, smiling. “Of course but take your sister with you” Mum said.

Sprinting to the toilet I quickly got changed into my swimming togs. Suddenly my sister Mel came in. “Get out I am getting change” I shouted at her face. “Then hurry up” She shouted back.   Finally I was already to go and swim, so I got my clothes and went. I put my clothes on the mat next to mum.

Leaping into the water, it was warm. When Mel came diving towards me. Luckily I got out just in time. “Y y you could have switched me man” I sadly said. “That is why you move man” She replied.

“Should we have a race to see who can swim to that enormous pole and back” said Mel. “ Ok then’ I said. Ready, Set, Go “I am going to beat you” Mel said. “I Don't  think so” I replied.

Swimming towards the giant pole I saw a black whale approaching Mel. I tried to tell her but she  kept swimming “Stop Mel stop or else he will eat you stop” I shouted. But she did not listen, she carried on swimming. Sadly the whale swallowed her.

I started thinking really hard, “ The whale just swallowed her right so all we need to do is make it blow water out of his blow hole but how am I going to do that, I need to call ben 10 to fill the whale with water, so when it is full it will blow out water and mel will came out” Said Jon.

So I call Ben 10 and he turned into a water man and he filled water into the whale’s mouth. I had to wait for the whale to digest the water. Finally he had finished digesting the water. The whale blew water out of his blow hole and mel came out.

“Mel”. “Jon” .“You are back let’s never do that again” I said. “Jon. Mel lunch is ready” Mum said. “Coming” Jon said. “lets just go eat” Mel said.

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