Monday, 15 October 2012


Hello. At home I went on this website called Story Starters and here is a link to the page. When you get on it you will have to type your name. Then pick a grade. When you have done both type your name and pick a grade here is the fun part next you press spin. If you do not like a part of your sentence then press spin the wheel and it will be changed. After you have spun the wheel and you like you scenesters then you can press next. When you have press next. Now you have to peck a form. Then make up a story about what your sentence says.

My sentence said Write a folk tale about a powerful vampire who wins the lottery.

Have you ever win the lottery before? Will one upon a time there was a vampire who win the lottery. It all began when the vampire said “I am so hungry ”So he went on a  walk on his walk saw a girl with lottery. So he said “what is that ” to the little girl. The little girl replied and said “this is a lottery you never know because you might win 200$” “ Were can you get it from” said the vampire. “From in that stop” said the little girl. So the vampire went were the little girl pointed. “Can I have a lottery plays” “Of calsed just 2$” “ Ok “ So the vampire looked in his pocket and sorry 2$ and gave it to the girl selling the lottery's.” thank you and good luck” “I hope I win OH my goodness I have just winn 200$ YaYaYa!!!”  So that was story about how the vampire win the lottery. I hope you enjoyed it. The End

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  1. Hi Jordan,
    Awesome work. You were always asking me what should you write about. I didn't have a clue. Anyway writing about the vampire getting a lotto is an interesting topic. I can't wait to read more interesting post. Keep up the great work.