Saturday, 29 September 2012

The Passenger

Today I’m going to read a story called The Passenger er er er er er. I hope you enjoy and don’t have any nightmares. It all began....

On a cold and stormy day, I John wilson decided to take the Bus home. Getting closer and closer towards the bus stop I saw Buster barking and howling at other people as they walked past the old broken fences. Buster was not so kind, everyone including me is really scared of him because he barks and howls at us.

Anyways the bus was coming to the bus stop. I said to myself “I’m going to face my fear and just go”  so I took a deep brief and ran for my life into the bus with my umbrella and sat down. Then I got out my book and tried to make myself as comfortable as possible. I finally got comfortable but I had to put headphones on.

There was a fish sitting right next to me. He was a bit freaky. One eye looked left and the other looked right and bubbles kept on coming out of his fishy lips. He looked like a stachiw just sitting there. I fought like clapping in front of his face. We were the only ones on the bus.

I turned on my mp3 player. When ra the little fish turned into a monster and tried to kill me but my headphones came out and the monster turned back into a fish I put my headphones back in when the fish turned into a monster again. My headphones came out again and the fish turned back into a fish.

I realized the fish would only turn into a monster when I listen to my mp3 player. I had a plan. A toke the fish and toweled the bus to take me back to where buster was.

So then I got the fish and put it in front of Buster, Buster kept on barking the  fish so I turned on my mp3 player and the little fish turned into a monster again and scared Buster. That day on Buster never barked but at anyone again.

The End


  1. Jordan , I enjoyed reading your story. What a great imagination!!!! You used a great deal of creativity and that's good. I saw your hyperlinks in the story and that was nice. Is that a new skill you have learned? Keep up the good work and I will check back with you to read more ofyour great blog post.

  2. Hi jordan
    That was a cool movie and it was funny to.
    Your friend