Monday, 17 September 2012

Farewell Mrs Verry


Walking into assembly, I saw Mrs Verry sitting in a chair right in the center of the hall. As I sat down, I heard my friend’s saying Mrs Verry is retiring. Once I heard she was leaving I felt really really sad!!! She worked at our school for nearly 20 years. How cool is that. She deserve a break from kids.

Finally assembly started and I was so excited to see what we were going to do for Mrs Verry. Mr Burt always does something whenever one of our staff members leaves. We started 
assembly off by sing to national anthem as usuall. Mr Burt wore a yellow wig and rock;star glasses.
Then Mr Burt talked about Mrs Verry and how she was the Queen of bling because she kept on wearing lots of bling. She was a Super Gran because she kept on helping us and he also talked about how they were next door neighbors. Mrs Verry started crying. Mr Burt said “ she also cries easily”.

Suddenly the junior pounamu stood up and went on the stage to perform thir haka. It was a real cool haka. They did it strong with power.

Then some Samoan girl stood up and done a speech in Samoan but I did not understand anything they said. Then they did a Samoan dance. Everyone cared as they danced. It was reyll lowd.

Then we played a movie about Mrs Verry. It made her cry even more. Kid’s stood up and gave her a flower necklaces and some loley lay’s to her.

Mr Verry wanted to gave a speech so she did. When she gave her speech my eyes started to get wordrey I was about to cry because she was leaving but luckily I did not. Mrs Verry was really kind and caring. She was the reading support teacher but now it is Miss Read.

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