Friday, 28 September 2012

Mouse in Black

Once upon a time, there was a Mouse called Pall. He worked in a company called Mouse in Black, they were spies working undercover. As Pall was walking he saw his boss and his boss gave him a mission and said “Remember in 1994 when the Mouse in Black were still in business and were guarding the cheese of lerat from the rats in white” “Yeah” Pall said. “Well they found it and are planning to destroy the word with it, you need to stop them with your new sidekick Bob” His boss replied.  

Setting off on his mission Pall got his jetplane and packed his spy gear “ Ready Bob” said Pall. “Ready” said Bob. Off they flew to France in Pall’s jetplane. “It looks so beautiful” Bob said. Pall did not want to muck around because the world was in his hands. He got out of his Spy bag his old  L.C.F[lerat cheese finder] and walked around France. This would lead him to the cheese. But it led him to a brick wall.

Pall started to think, when he had a plan. He got out a bomb and put it in front of the brick wall and let it. When BOOM the bomb went off. Hiding behind the wall was a big door. Pall opened the door, when Bob tied Pall up with a rope. “What are you doing?” Pall said. “I am stopping you from taking the Cheese of lerat, I actually work for the rats in white I was sent here to stop you” said Bob taking off his mask “I should've know you were evil from the start” said Pall. “ Bye” Bob said leaving the room.

Pall sadly remembered about his lazer pen. So he tried to get it out of his pocket. He eventually  got it but he had to try real hard.

When he got out of the rop and tried to remember where Bob went. He found the cheese but there the R.I.W already started the destroying of the word. He put some spy gear that helped him steke to wall’s. Then clamped onto the walls of the room that the R.I.W were in and tied a rope onto the roof. Then tied the other end to his shirt then jumped of the roof and quickly took the cheese with no one noticing he took it because they were all celebrating. Then pall climbed back up. When suddenly Bob walked in and saw that the cheese was gone. Then Bob looked all over the room and said “my senses are tingling I can smell a Mouse in the house. Pall was worried Bob could smell he. Bob looked up and saw Pall hiding. Then Pall came down and got a sick then whacked Bob in the head with it and ran away with the cheese of lerat. He found his jet and went back home.

Walking into the M.I.B’s secret hideout, Pall held up the lost cheese of lerat. Everyone clapped  and cheered as Pall came in. They planned a surprise party for Pall And they all lived happily ever after. The End.

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