Friday, 14 September 2012


Once upon a time there was a boy called Jordan, he had a Which friend called Toby. Toby did any thing Jordan wanted her to do. Jordan also had a cousin called Tom. He was really really bossy to Jordan!!! Jordan and his really annoying cousin went to a school called Pt England. Pt England was a really cool school because they had cool teachers, cool students they also had netbooks.

One day Jordan’s cousin kept on stealing thing out of Jordan’s room because Jordan’s room had better things in it than his cousin’s room. Jordan got so angry he wanted to get revenge . When he remembered about his friendly Witch Toby and he had a plan.

He decided to turn his cousin into a toilet. He found his friend Toby and Jordan made a cup cake for him to eat. Then Toby made a potion to put into the cupcake that Jordan had made.

He gave the cup cake to Tom and he ate it. He started to feel heavy, his skin turned White, Then his body changed into a toilet. Jordan started laughing at Tom. THE END!!!

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