Monday, 10 September 2012

Tommy Wilson

I love to read book do you? Excessively book written by Tommy Wilson. Speaking of Tommy Wilson on the 7 of September 2012 he came to pt england, to talk about his amazing life and to teach us 5 helpful lesion.

On the 7 of September 2012 Tommy Wilson finally arrived at assembly. He bring some friends with him. He had long black hair like my friend frank. He began to talk.

“One day my dad decided to join the war and repzent nz but there was 11 kid including me in my family and my mum did not want him to go because it would be hard for her to look after us kids but he really wanted to go so mum let him” Tommy said. “11 kid wow it must of been stressful for your mum to take care of you all”I said to my sife.

Tommy wanted to help mum out by getting a job. So he did. he got a job as a butler for a man in a band called the Beatles.

He keep on making him smile and what do you know he work’s for the preedit of self africa.
Just because he keep on making people smile. One day the preedit of self africa got a really cool boat and there only need it for 2 time a week so he got to us it the rest of the week just because he made people smile.

One day when he went on his boat, he meet a rich important man and keep on making him smile and what do you know he now works for him and get’s paid 200,000$ a month. But he wanted to go back home so he did. and that was when his written started.

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  1. Hi Jordan
    I like what you have of Tommy the wrote kapai.
    Kapai book is cool Jordan have you read it before.