Friday, 14 December 2012


“For 100% attendance, Jordan Alofi and for citizenship, Jordan Alofi” Said Mr Burt. I was so happy because I thought I was just getting 100% attendance. Standing up I was neves.

Walking to the up on the stage Miss King [My Teacher] gave me a Lollie lei. Then I had to get my two certificates from this kind lady. Suddenly I saw my cousin coming with another Lollie lei. “Good boy Jordan” I heard her whisper. Smiling at the crowd I saw my mum, she was waving at me.

“Now it is time for the year 5 Item, take it away year 5” Mr Burt said. We all stood up and walked onto the stage. Then the song started. We all danced and had lots of fun. We all froze then walked off the stage.

Then it was the year 6 prizes. The year 6 s got to get the sports award, we can’t get sports awards because we are year 5 s. A girl called Hope keep getting sports awards and trophies. Next it was the year 6 item. It was awesome. They danced to different song.

Then it was the year 7 prizes. My sister got 3 prizes 100% attendance, 3 place academic and now she is a perfect. After that it was the year 7s item. It had different songs like the year 6 item.

Then it was the year 8 dance their dance had different songs like the year 7 item. I liked the year 7s dance the best. I can’t wait for next year.

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