Thursday, 13 December 2012

Math Whizz, A Really Cool Learning Tool

One of my favourite learning websites is called Math Whizz. I think Math Whizz is a good website to learn math strategies!!! Math Whizz is suitable for all ages.

When you finish a lesson you end up doing a test.That test will be about the strategy that you learnt in your the lesson. The test will just make sure that you are ready to move on. If you are It will bring up a different lesson even harder, and if you are then it will have an easier lesson ready for you.

You can also earn credits when you do well in lessons. Why do you need credits for you might be think. Well you can go to the Whizz shop and buy eiver Pets, Plants or Toys. This will encourages to do more lessons.  

If you want to do a certain lesson again you can just got  to your replays and it will allow you to replay lessons and try to get better at that lesson. But you can not replay test. To check out the amazing website called Math Whizz just click the pic above.

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