Thursday, 17 October 2013

Jordan IRD

Thanks to Iisa Salie for filming me

Could you imagine a world with no police stations, hospitals, schools and homes?

If we don’t pay taxes then bad things will happen and only the rich will survive. The IRD gathers income taxes. It stands for the Inland Revenue Department. They take a percentage of money from your income. Once the money is gathered they will give it to the government. The Government uses the money to pay for Transport, Heritage, Culture and Recreation, Defence, Health, Law and Order, Housing and Community Development, Social Security and Welfare and Education.

The GST takes taxes from things you buy like food, petrol and other things and gives it to the government. GST stands for Goods and Services Taxes.


  1. Well done Jordan, your blog looks great. You are so Without taxes would not be a good one! Enjoy your visit to Wellington and please let me know what you find out! Miss Wood

  2. Hi Jordan, what a great blog and what a great question! You are spot on, life without schools and hospitals would not be good, and so it is really important that people pay tax. Thanks for coming to see us last week, I really enjoyed your presentation. Naomi Ferguson (IRD)