Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Why is cars important?

Cars are vehicles used to travel or to get from one place to another. Without them how would people get to work. Cars are really important. There are positives to using cars and negatives.

Here are the negatives to using a car.
Well first of all in some places fuel or petrol cost a lot of money which can be frustrating. Cars pollute the air and I know that people who drive cars don’t intend to pollute the air but it just happens. Air is what we breathe so that effects us as well. To top it off cars can be dangerous for pedestrians as well. They get injured because sometimes when they are crossing the road a car comes and hits them:(

The only way to end this madness is if we ban cars and force people to purchase cars that run on electricity but some people won’t be able to afford a whole new car creating stress. Here are the positives to using cars. They get us for place to place, it might be from home to work or from home to the supermarket they are really helpful.

Image you were ready to drive to work but as you open your front door your car is missing. Suddenly you realize that every single in the world is gone. What would you be thinking? What would you do? Would you be happy?

In conclusion cars have and good and bad side to them. It is good to try use your car as less as possible and try walk to places.

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