Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Ring went the bell. Ross began on her walk home. She was very tired because she had a big day. As she was walking a car pulled up right beside her. “Hi little girl would you like a ride home,” asked two men. “Well my feet are tired and I do live far, so okay,”she answered and hopped into the car.

“You can stop now I live in this house here,”Ross said pointing to her house, but the men did not listen and carried on. “Stop!!!,” Ross shouted. They put a bag over her head so that no one could hear her cries. Ross start to get scared.

Finally the car stopped so Ross began to freaks out. If she didn’t hopped into the car in the first place she would not have been in this mes. They pulled her out of the car and throw her on a bed. They keep her as a servant and treated her badly.

Her parents began to get worried, so they went to the school themselves. There was no sign of ross so they called the cops. “Hello I would like to speak to the police,” Rosses mum asked. “Police speaking what is your problem?,” The police asked. “My daughter is missing and I can’t find her,”Ross mum awserd. “Where are you right now?,” The police reply. “I am at St Paris school,” She said. “Okay we're on our way,” They replied.

Well ross was torched by the 2 men. Finally the police arrived at the school and Ross mum told them everything.They sent search teams out to try to find Ross. But there was no sign whatsoever of her. 2 years later.

“Ross I’m going to the toilet don’t do anything tricky,” One of the men said. Ross ran straight to the door calling for help. “Help me I have been missing of 2 years but now I’m free,” She shouted. One man came running to the door. “Move back,” He said. The man throw a rock at the glass door and Ross ran out. “I am free I am finally free, thank you kind man for freeing me,” Ross shouted.

But the men came out with a gun and began shooting Ross but then the kind man jumped in front of her and said “Ran Ran for your live and never come back here, ever,” So Ross ran. Back to her house. Luckily the men did not follow her and Roses parents were still alive. They move to america so that they will be safe and they did not see the 2 men ever again. So remember people never talk to strangers again. The End

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