Wednesday, 19 February 2014


“We will be walking down to the Village (The Year 1 and 2 junior classes) so that we can interview junior students and find out what kind of toys they like ”. Our teacher (Miss lagitupu) tolled us. For inquiry we had to design toys on the internet. Then using a 3D (3 dimensional) printer we would be creating the toys.

We got to the Village (The Year 1 and 2 junior class) and were split into groups and were put into classes. I was in a group with Neo and Luckis. The junior students were in pairs. The teacher matched the pairs with our groups and we began the interviews.

The two junior students I had were Quenelle (age 5) and Syriah (age 5). Quenelle liked PS3, cars and Ipads, but Suriah liked tablets, beans, monkeys, dogs, Dora, butterflies and birds. We couldn’t make a real PS3, Ipad or Tablet but we could make a fake one.

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