Friday, 14 February 2014

Samoan Dance

“Ooooooooooooooooooooo”. A loud noise filled the hall. Everyone got excited. Four ladies walked on stage. They were wearing white dresses and a flower in their hair. They began dancing. It started with soft slow music and began getting faster. They were doing a Samoan dance. They were all samoan. Everyone cheered as they danced. One of the ladies began gliding across the stage, as the others clapped and cheered. The wonderful dance ended.

One of our students named Gloria went up and asked a few questions. “At what age did you start dancing?”. Gloria said. “Well I started younger than you like at about two years old”. She replied. “What inspired you to perform?”. Gloria asked. “My children inspired me because I really wanted to teach them all knowledge I know so they can pass it on to their kids”. She replied.

Gloria asked. “Can you show us some of the dance moves you did”. “Yeah sure”. She said. She showed us how to glide but when she asked for a volunteer no one raised there hand, so mr J volunteered mr J was quite funny. They also showed us  how to do samoan clap. Some of them were going to be our faifai touters

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