Friday, 28 February 2014

Thank you

Dear parent helper

Thank you so much for coming. If you didn’t come, class 2 wouldn't have gone to the picnic because we would not have enough adults to help supervise us. We needed helpers and you gave up you time to help watch us. Thank you for you time and help.

Each year we like to swam in teams. First team One ( year One and Two), next team Two (year Three and Four),  then team Three (year Five and Six) and finally team Four (year Seven and Eight). We do this so it easier for the adults and teachers to watch us.

Ms V and Mr J would always bring down some sports gear to play with. There were a lot of sports like softball, soccer, rugby and more. We also brought along technology so we were able to sing and listen to music.

My favourite part of the day was eating lunch with my friends and swimming because we got the chance to bomb off the rocks. While I swam, water keep going in my mouth and it was really salty but in the end we all had fun thanks to you.

Kind Regards

Jordan A

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