Tuesday, 11 February 2014


What does empathy mean? Empathy is when you care for others and feel their pain. Empathy is an ability to understand others and how they feel. If I had broken my arm and a friend could feel and understand the pain I was going through, that would be empathy.

Empathy is when you share other peoples feelings. It is when you worry about others. It is when you feel others emotions and when you understand and share another person's experiences.

In the holidays when I was in Australia, my stepsister caught a disease called Gastro. Gastro is a 24 hour disease. It makes you vomit, it gives you a sour stomach, drains your energy and it is highly contagious. Her stomach began hurting and I could understand the pain she went through because I have had Gastro before too. That is Empathy.

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