Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Whisper

“A forest” John said looking at a forest. John was exploring his dad’s farm when he saw  a large forest near by. John always got into a lot of trouble. John slowly walked into the forest and there was just lots of trees. So he went deeper into the forest.

He loved exploring places so he was not very scared even though he was just 9 years old. He keep walking and walking when he said to himself, “I think I should go back” but when he turned around he realised that he was lost in the forest. “Help, help, is anyone there”he called. He carried on calling help for about 1 minute, but finally he stopped.

He sat down and started crying. As the sun set and the moon rose John fell asleep. In the morning John was hungry. Luckily John loved watching Man Vs Wild so he sort of knew how to survive. On one of the episodes, the man finds huhu grubs, so he got up and began looking for huhu grubs. He ran to a tree and ripped a long piece of bark and there in the tree were some huhu grubs.

John began eating them. He managed to eat all of it. When he finished he hear someone calling his name saying, “John, John” John recognized that voice, it was his grandma. “Grama, is that you, were are you”John replied. “You can‘t see me but follow the sound of my voice” John’s grandma whispered. John’s grandma had died because she had a heart attack. John followed her voice. It lead him back to the farm. “Thank you grandma, I love you” John said. “Just remember, I will always look out for you, no matter what” She replied. The End


  1. Hey Jordan,
    That is one good story! It had quite a lot of detail. It's a good thing John watched man vs wild. If I were John, I would've starved. How about next time start with him lost in the forest, and explain how he got stuck there? But anyway, that's a good story.
    Yours sincerely,

  2. Hey Jordan,

    I really enjoyed reading your story except there were just a little bit of mistakes the bit when he finished, Well after it Apart from it all it only said 'Hear' and not 'heard' also I think that was a great story you wrote I wish you the best on future story's. Also I think your John character & I have 1 thing in common......Watching Man Vs Wild, also the man is Bear Gryll's just

    Your Friend, Francis