Monday, 11 November 2013

my Pet mouse

On October the 10 it was my birthday and I got a Pet mouse. His name is whitney, mainly because he is white. At night he loves to run on his wheel I don’t know why. I was really carefully went every I hold him because I knew that if he runs out of my hand then I would be in big trouble because my mum hates mice. My mum didn’t want me to get him but it was my birthday. He is not even 1 years old yet and luckily he doesn't bite.

We got him from the bishop our church because his daughter owned lots of mice so they asked us if we wanted one and we said yes. He likes eating seeds, weet bix and peanut butter. He use to say in my room with my other pet budgie but it then began to get hard to breathe because of him and it got harder to clear up, so now they both stays in the garage.

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