Friday, 6 September 2013

Earth Ball

Once there was a man named John. He lived in a small house alone. One day, he decided to go on a walk just around the area. He hear a sound. Something was strange about the sound though. The sound leda John to a cave. He walked in. “Hello” John said. “You must be John” a weird man said.

“I am Rohn” Rohn said. “I have been waiting for you, because you can help me destroy the earth ball” Rohn said. John was confused. “What do you mean” John said. “I have had this earth ball for many years and it contains a lot of power” Rohn said. “So why me” John said. “I had a vision that today you will come into my cave” Rohn said. “ How do we destroy’ John said. “We need to drop it into the vocation of lava in lava island.

“ So lets go” John said. “ Wait how do we get to the vocation of lava in lava island?” John asked. “In my jet John said. “Okay now lets go!!!!!!!!!” John said. Off they went to the vocation in lava island . “You jet is amazing” John said as they hopped in and flew to lava island.

“There it is” Rohn said pointing to lava island. Lava island was covered of lava from the hot steaming vocation so the jet turned into a boat and they landed in the sea. Rohn had two jetpacks so they both flew over to the top of vocation.

Looking down John was scared and nerve. Rohn carefully dropped the Earth Ball into the vocation. Suddenly the vocation blowup. So Rohn and John had to get back to the boat jet. So they did but on there way Rohn ran out of batter so his jet stop and he fell into the lava and died. It was just John left and he had to get to the jet boat.

Luckily he made it. So he turn the boat back into a jet and flow back home safely. He lived happily ever after. The End

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