Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Mrs. Goat and Her Seven Little Kids

Once upon a time there live a mother goat and she had 7 little kids. She was going to the supermarket to get some food for her kids. “Don’t let anyone in but me especially the wolf” mother goat said to her 7 kids.But the wolf was waiting outside for mother goat to leave.

Finley mother goat left and the wolf knocked on the door saying “Little goats I forgot to give you some thing” But the small goats was very smart in fact he was the smarts one there. He knew it wasn’t mother goat and said “ you're not mother goat you're the wolf because mother goat has a voice that sounds like beatherful music.

The wolf rush to the music shop and said to a lady “make my voice sound like beautiful music because if you don’t then I will bite your face off. So the lady did it and the wolfs voice sounded just like the mother goat’s voice. So he went back to the house.

“Little goats let me in” The wolf said in a beatiful voice. The smart goat said “Show us your paw first” the wolf put his paw into the letter hole on the door and when the little goat saw it he smashed it with his hammer. The wolf took his paw out of the hole and began sucking it.

The wolf ran to a art gallery and found an artist. “You better make my paw look like a goat’s paw or In will smash you with my paw” the wolf said. “Okay okay calm down no need to get anger management, gosh” The artist said. The artist finished working on the wolf's paw and the wolf ran straight to the goat’s house.

The wolf said. “ I’m home my darling little goats.” He showed them his painted paw. But the smart little goat said show us or tail and I will let you in. So the wolf put his ugly black tail in the letter hole. “ This is not mother goats tail, her tail looks like a shiny piece of wheat, this is the wolf’s tail” the smart little goat said and bite his tail.

The wolf ran straight to the dentist and shouted “Make my tail look like a piece of wheat” The dentist replied “But I’m a dentist not a tail remover” “But if you don’t them I will bite your tail off” the wolf said. “On the other hand, I can do it” Said the dentist in fear. The dentist remover the wolf’s tail and replace it with a piece of wheat.

The wolf went back to the goats house and called out with a nice voice “little Goat its me mother goat” He showed them his paw and his tail. So the other goats let him in but the little smart goat hid in a bucket of coal because he was not sure if that was really mother goat. The wolf ate all the goats but not the little goat because he just hid in the bucket.

Mother Goat got back from the supermarket and saw that the house was a rick so finally the last little goat came out of the bucket of coal and told her everything that happened. The wolf was at the backyard sitting on mother goats favorite chair. “That goat eats my kids, ricks my house and now he is sitting on my chair! What is up with him” She said marching out to the backyard.

Once she saw the wolf she ran to him as fast as she could and beat him up with her large horns and out came her first kid so she did it again 6 more time and one more to send him flying across the world. The goats live happily ever after. The End

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