Monday, 16 September 2013

The Boy Who Flew Too High

Once upon a time in a in a large tower there lived a man called Daedalus. He inventor many weapons for the King Minos army. Daedalus had a son called Icarus they wanted to go back home to Athens but King Minos keep Daedalus as a prisoner.

One day Daedalus came up with a plan and he decided to invent something new. He went to  the King and said “may I please have wax and feathers for the new invent I’m working on.” The king decided to give it to him. He got to work and ordered them in four lines, starting from the smalls feather to the larger ones. Then he sicked the feather togeather with the waxs.

When Daedalus was done he showed his son what he had created. With the feathers and wax he made two pairs wings and put one on. He began to flap his arms back and forward back and forward. When suddenly, he was no longer standing on the ground. He was flying! Icarus was amazed.

Over the next few day Daedalus tort his son he to use the other pair of wings. They both preached and preached when finally Icarus learnt how to fly. But he wasn't as good as Daedalus.

The next day Daedalus told his son,“We will fly to Athens, but you must be careful because if you fly too high the sun will melt the waxs that holds your feathers of your wings together and you will fall into the water and sink, but if you fly too low then your wings will fill with moisture and you will sink as well, understood.” “yes father” Icarus answer. Off they went.

Daedalus was leading the way and Icarus was following him. Icarus was scared because he had never flew this far before. But after a while Icarus knew it was a lot of fun. So he swoop down above the sea. Daedalus look back and said to Icarus, “Icarus stop that”. Icarus stopped playing around and got back on track.

Then he felt the wind and he was able to soar through the sky. He was soaring so high, when his dad shouted, “Icarus come down, right now!” Suddenly the wax on Icarus’s wings began to melt. He began to fall. “Help!” Icarus shouted. Sadly Daedalus couldn't caught him as he was falling. Icarus die in the water because he didn’t know how to swim. The End

So the morale of the story is listen to your parents and don’t fly too high.

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