Friday, 2 August 2013

The Ugly Duckling

Once upon a time in a lake far away lived a mother duck who had a clutch of eggs. They were just about to hatch. The ducklings were pecking away trying to get out of there shell’s. Six chirping ducklings came rolling out of there egg shells but there was one egg left. That egg was bigger than the rest. Finally it hatched and out came an ugly grey duckling.

The other ducklings kept teasing the ugly duckling. Poor ugly duckling, he was always upset. So mother duck had to keep consoling him. He ate way more than the others. At one point he realized he was different so at sunrise he ran away from home.

He began asking other ducks questions like, “do you know any other ducks that look like me”? But they were really scornful and they shook their heads. One duck said, “it is dangerous because there are hunters around hunting ducks like you”. So the ugly duckling gave up.

He found a pond with plenty of food. He saw swans migrating south. Winter came and he was exhausted. The pond froze and the ugly duckling was stuck. A kind farmer found him and took him home.

He took good care of the ugly duckling so the ugly duckling survived winter. When the ugly duckling was older the farmer decided to let him go. He took him back to the pond where he found him.

Once the ugly duckling looked at his reflection he saw that he was a beautiful swan. He was astounded of his beauty. Then a group of swans came flying by. The beautiful swan made some friends and he lived happily ever after. The End.

So the moral of the story was, Don’t be ashamed if you're different.

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