Monday, 26 August 2013

Cross Country

“It is so HOT!!!!!!!!” I said as I was watching the Cross Country Races. It was finally Cross Country and I was full of energy. But the sad thing was that I am 10 so I had to wait until it was our turn to race and it took for ever because there were 5 year old boys race and 5 year old girls race , 6 year old boys race and 6 year old girls race and it just went on and on. But I managed. I am in Green

“10 year old boys please come to the start line” Someone said. So I stood up and marched away. I was not really neaves which was strange because normally I’m FREAKING OUT and wondering about the things that could go wrong. Mr Brut showed us the cores but I still don’t understand it, so I just pretended that I knew where to go but when it starts I can just follow everyone else.

“On your marks, get set” Mr Burt said and press the button on his talking thing and it made a loud sound which mean GO!!! Everyone was Off like a flash of lightning. I began jogging and noticed that people were sprinting. I knew that if I were to sprint at the beginning I won't have any energy left so I kept jogging.

People started to stop but I kept going. I was in third places and behind me was my friend Nathan. “ Hi Mr Marks” I said. There were teachers and a few students from another school helping us and if it weren't for them then I think I would of been lost so lucky they were there.

I began to get tied. Suddenly a boy called Sateki came out of nowhere and sprints strat pass me. “What the, where did he come from” I said to myself. I looked behind me and saw my other friend. He ran past me like Sateki. But Nathan was still there and I was not going to let some else past me. So I jogged a bit faster.

I saw the finish line and I was puffed out. As we were going thru the gate I slipped but I was not going to let that stop me. So as I got up and blocked the gate so that Nathan can not past me. Well I was blocking the gate my old teacher(Miss King) was also supporting me. I got closer to the finish line and began to sprint. I can 5th place I know I tried my best and had fun and thats what mather.

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