Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Three Little Pigs

This blog post is a summarise of the story The Three Little Pigs and it also has the morel of the story as well. I hope you enjoy it and also leave feedback to help me create my next blog post. Thank You

There live three little pigs and one mother pig. They lift home and begin finding thing to make a cottage. The first pig found a stack of hay and made a quick hay house which was not so smart. The second pig found a pile of sticks so he made a house from stick. But the third pig who was very smart bort some brick. The sunset and the third pig finished his house went a wolf dropped by and went to the house of hay. He blow it down and ate the pig. Then he went to the house of sticks and did the same thing. He went to the brick house and tried to blow it down but it stood firm. He tried to climb into the chimney and dived right into a pot with boiling water. The wolf ran back to the woods never to be seen again.

So the morale of the story was to take your time and you will get good results.

In life you will come across many opsd coles and if you take your time then you will get good results. Like for example if you are told to take care of an apple tree and you water it every day and do all those thing to help it grow then the tree will grow good apples for you to enjoy. But if you don’t take good care of the poor tree, it won't grow and perjus apples. Which choice would you chose, Take care of the apple tree or don’t do anything to help it. I know I would take care of the apple tree. I hope you will take your time with what you do because you will get good results.

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